Press Release

June 20, 2016 at 1:01 PMPicture of Kaleena Hines of Flagler with Carolyn Thornsby Outstanding Academic Award

Fort Morgan, CO. 06/14/16. Morgan Community College (MCC) congratulates three students who were recognized for their accomplishments, hard work, and leadership over the school year.

Brenda Craig of Bennett was presented with the “Jean Danford Outstanding Student Leadership Award.” She completed MCC’s Early Childhood Education Program during the spring semester. “I’ve spent twenty years at Bennett Elementary School,” shared Craig. “Receiving this award in front of the students, parents, and my colleagues, is a day I will always treasure—it was the most amazing feeling. MCC was a good fit for me; the people really made the difference.”

Kaleena Hines of Flagler was recognized for the “Carolyn Thornsby Outstanding Academic Award.” Hines earned an Associates of Arts Degree with an Elementary Education emphasis during the fall 2015 semester. “As a parent, getting a degree is very important to me,” stated Hines, who has been accepted at Adams State, and will continue her degree in Elementary Education this fall. “The MCC family is great; my online classes and helpful instructors made it possible. I was highly honored to have been nominated and recognized.”

Dana Nunez of Cheyenne Wells was selected to receive this year’s Presidential award. She graduated from MCC this spring with an Associates of Arts degree with a Psychology designation, and plans to attend the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs for the fall 2016 term. According to MCC instructor Lucille Rossbach, “Dana leads by example, influencing an entire class with her enthusiasm and positive spirit.”

Congratulations to these outstanding, hardworking students.