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Fort Morgan, CO. 09/22/17.  The Financial Aid Office at Morgan Community College (MCC) is pleased to announce the awarding of over $194,458.90 to students throughGroup of scholarship winners standing on staircase privately funded scholarships this fall. The college awarded 228 scholarships; 170* were accepted. Individuals, organizations and foundations in the community have generously donated to the MCC Foundation to promote student success at the College.

MCC offers degrees for an Associate of Arts (AA), an Associate of Science (AS), an Associate of Applied Science (AAS), and an Associate of General Studies (AGS). A student’s major includes program designation or certification.

Whether going towards enrollment or books, the students selected are appreciative and are one-step closer to completing their goal. Congratulations to the following recipients for their dedication and determination.


Anderson Family Hope Fund: Mohamed Abdirhiyan (Fort Morgan) AS-Mechanical Engineering.


Arthur James Lee Scholarship Endowment: Deidre Miller (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.


Brad Amack Memorial Scholarship: Kaleb Bell (Fort Morgan) AS; is looking forward to earning a degree in biology.


Cargill Scholarship:

Kaleb Bell (Fort Morgan) AS; wants to earn a degree in biology.

Mohamed Abdirhiyan (Fort Morgan) AS-Mechanical Engineering.


Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative – County: Monique Contreras (Brush) AAS-Nursing

Alexandrea Spresser (Brush) AAS-Medical Assisting.

Lizbeth Gonzales (Wiggins) AAS- Radiologic Technologies.

Hope Blakely (Fort Morgan) – AAS-Nursing.

Issa Doumbia (Brush) AAS-Radiologic Technology.

Jennifer Seaman (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.

Lora Richards (Burlington) AA; after completing a bachelor’s degree, she would like to pursue a career in either television or movies.

Lya Wickham (Akron) AA-Business.

Mariah McCauley (Yuma) AA-Psychology; she would like to provide counseling and equine assisted therapy.

Mohamed Abdirhiyan (Fort Morgan) AS-Mechanical Engineering.

Seth McConnell (Brush) AS; he would like to graduate from law school.

Tammy Garcia (Brush) AAS-Business Accounting.

Zackery Williams (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing; intends to work towards a doctorate degree.


Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative – Higher Education:

Brandy Savage (Roggen) AAS-Nursing; would like to work as a nurse in labor and delivery.

Chad Romero (Fort Morgan) AA-Psychology; wants to obtain a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

Cintia Calvillo (Brush) AA-Business; wants to obtain a bachelor’s degree in International Business.

Danielle Gossett (Arriba) AAS-Nursing.

Eduardo Garcia (Brush) AA-Business; he is looking to continue his education at UNC.

Sarah Yeater (Fort Morgan) AA-Psychology; she is determined to go to medical school for Psychiatry.


Colorado Plains Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship:

Katie Ashburn (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.


Community Nursing Scholarship: Ashley Murphy (Greeley) AAS-Nursing.

Calidee Noriyuki (Fort Collins) AAS-Nursing; she would like to earn a master’s degree then become a nurse practitioner.

Kaitlyn Wolfe (Kersey) AAS-Nursing.

Mardee Turner (Snyder) AAS-Nursing.

Racquel Bohlin (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.

Samantha Kitzman (Wiggins) AAS-Nursing.


FMS Bank/Delmer P. Keating Scholarship: Maria Casillas (Fort Morgan) AA-Business; she would like to earn an MBA.


Frances Bird Scholarship: Esther Lingo (Wiggins) ABM.


Fort Morgan Elks Scholarship:  Adam Parachini (Weldona) AAS-Business Foundations


Goetz Family Scholarship: Adam Parachini (Weldona) AAS-Business Foundations; He is looking to earn a degree in business and a certificate in Ag management.

Megan Meininger (Fort Morgan) AAS-Business; Wants to earn business admin and business accounting degrees.


Gramlich Nursing Scholarship: Hanna White (Brush) AAS-Nursing.

James Carwin (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.

Tayler Boppre (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.


Harvey (Corky) and Connie Tomky Scholarship:

Braeden Piepho (Weldona) Welding Certificate.


H.B. Bloedorn Scholarship: Adriana Franco (Fort Morgan) AA-Elementary Teacher Education.

Ashley Anderson (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.

Brandee Martinez (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.

Brenton Hammer (Brush) AAS-Industrial Electrical.

Debra Parkhill (Fort Morgan) AAS-Business; she would like to someday own a business.

Jason Weseman (Hillrose) AAS-Collision Repair Technician.

Johannah Anderson (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.

Megan Baker (Brush) AAS-Nursing.


HOSPES of Morgan County Scholarship:

Jessie Earls (Brush) AAS-Nursing.

Joseph Rodriguez (Fort Morgan) Certified massage therapist.

Lizbeth Gonzales (Fort Morgan) AAS- Radiologic Technologies.

Tessa Kehm (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.


Ramirez and Allen Science Scholarship:

Debra Trounce (Bennett) AS-Biology; is looking forward to studying zoology.

Robert E. Hogsett Foundation Scholarship:

Blake Boyer (Brush) AAS-Welding.

Carissa Holbeck (Fort Morgan) Early Childhood Development; she would like to become a teacher.

Jacqueline Segura (Fort Morgan) AAS-Radiologic Technology

Julianna Garcia (Fort Morgan) AGS.

Lindsey Endsley (Brush) AAS-Nursing.

Lynda Crone (Fort Morgan) ABM; wants to learn business skills to help with her son’s farm.

Madison Ruhl (Brush) AAS-Nursing.

Susana Guardado (Fort Morgan) AA; wants to earn a master’s degree in English literature.


Robert F. and Janet R. Datteri Career Technical Education Scholarship:

Caleb Hills (Wiggins) Welding Certificate.

Jonathan Stone (Fort Morgan) Certificate Graphic Design.

Tyler Wunsch (Fort Morgan) Welding Certificate; wants to earn degrees in welding and auto service.

Walker Graff (Fort Morgan) Auto Service Tech Certificate.


The Roots Group: Caleb Hills (Wiggins) Welding Certificate.

Ross Benham (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.


Williams Family Foundation Scholarship:

Brandy Savage (Roggen) AAS-Nursing; wants to earn AA in nursing then bachelors to work in labor and delivery.

Elizabeth Shuck (Strasburg) AAS-Nursing.

Garry Reed (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.


The MCC Foundation General Scholarship has been awarded to several MCC students, they are:

Adriana Franco (Fort Morgan) AA-Elementary Teacher Education.

Alaina Thayer (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.

Ana Guerrero (Burlington) AGS.

Anthony Chavez Alvidrez (Fort Morgan) Collision Repair Certificate.

Ashley Anderson (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.

Ashley Overman (Brighton) AAS-Nursing.

Ashlyn Schulder (Bayfield) AAS-Nursing

Autumn Bright (Strasburg) AA; wants to earn a PhD in neurology.

Billie Stam (Keenesburg) ABM; wants to further their education in accounting.

Brandee Martinez (Denver) AAS-Nursing.

Brianna Fuentes (Brush) AGS; wants to work in pediatrics.

Brittany Spiker (Brush) AA; wants to earn a degree to become a teacher.

Brittany Turner (Brush) AA-ECE; wants to earn a degree to become a pre-school teacher.

Candace Tannehill (Wiggins) ABM.

Chezrea Angusich (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.

Chloe Mason-Carr (Fort Morgan) AAS-Multimedia; wants to become an animator.

Christopher Green (Strasburg) AA; wants to study theology and become a priest.

Cory Barna (Fort Collins) AA; wants to earn their associates degree and plans to transfer to a 4 year school to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Couy Miller (Snyder) AS/PSY; wants to earn a bachelor’s degree in business.

Crystal Castillo (Fort Morgan) AGS; want to earn a certificate in massage therapy.

Dale Ness (Byers) ABM; Wants to learn the latest knowledge for farming business.

Dylan Mueggenberg (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.

Edith Gonzalez (Fort Morgan) AA-Psychology.

Elizabeth Fuentes (Brush) AAS-Nursing.

Elizabeth Ramos (Log Lane Village) AAS-Nursing.

Elliot Wunsch (Fort Morgan) AAS-Radiologic Technologies; wants to continue education in sports medicine.

Esther Lingo (Wiggins) ABM; wants to keep current with all of the changing aspects of business.

Fardowsa Ali (Fort Morgan) AS; wants to become a surgeon.

Gabriella Beltran (Brush) AA-ECE; wants to become a kindergarten teacher.

Gervais Irakiza (Denver) AAS-Nursing.

Guadalupe Estrada (Fort Morgan) AS; wants to take courses to become a pharmacist.

Hannah Schaefer (Sterling) AAS- Radiologic Technologies.

Heather Otero-Romero (Brush) AAS-Nursing.

Ismael Matul (Fort Morgan) AA; wants to earn a degree to become an archeologist.

Jacqueline Segura (Fort Morgan) AAS- Radiologic Technologies.

Jami English (Montrose) ABM.

Jason Weseman (Hillrose) AAS-Collision Repair Technology.

Jeneen Ibrahim (Wiggins) AAS-Physical Therapist Assistant; wants to become a physical therapist.

Jenifer Perea Gomez (Fort Morgan) AA; wants to become a special education teacher.

Jennifer Rivera (Fort Morgan) Psychology.

Jennifer Trevizo (Fort Morgan) AAS- Radiologic Technologies.

Jessye Craton (Brush) AAS-Nursing; wants to work in pediatrics.

John Howell (Keenesburg) ABM; wants to learn business skills needed to grow current business.

Jordan Palma (Greeley) AAS-Nursing; wants to earn a degree in midwifery.

Joy Wilson (Orchard) ABM.

Kaleb Bell (Fort Morgan) AS; wants to earn a degree in biology.

Kayla Watkins (Fort Morgan) AA; wants to earn a degree in psychology.

Kelsey Kramer (Sterling) AAS-Nursing.

Kendra Smith (Brush) ECE Director Certificate.

Keryn Willis (Fort Morgan) AA.

Kim Trout (Merino) AAS-Nursing.

Kylie Herzog (Sterling) AAS-Physical Therapist Assistant.

Lilia Reyes-Vargas (Brush) AAS-Nursing.

Lindesy Moos (Strasburg) AA.

Luis Morales (Fort Morgan) AAS-Nursing.

Lynda Crone (Fort Morgan) ABM.

Mackenzie Powell (Fort Morgan) AAS-Radiologic Technologies.

Marisol Mendez (Wiggins) AAS- Radiologic Technologies.

Megan Baker (Brush) AAS-Nursing.

Michael Geesen (Deer Trail) ABM; wants to learn more business practices to help share knowledge.

Monique Contreras (Brush) AAS-Nursing.

Nathan Brasby (Fort Morgan) ABM; wants to learn from ABM to mitigate failure risk.

Nicholas Romine (Brush) AAS-Auto Service Technology.

Nichole Webb (Byers) AA.

Priscilla Rodriguez (McAllen, TX) AS.

Rita Jaurigui (Fort Morgan) AGS.

Sarah Bean (Greeley) AAS-Nursing.

Selena Rocha (Brush) AAS- Radiologic Technologies.

Shantrice Fletcher (Fort Morgan) AA; wants to earn a degree to become a dental hygienist.

Shiloh Megel (Wiggins) AAS-Nursing.

Susana Guardado (Fort Morgan) AA; wants to earn a master’s degree in English literature.

Svitlana Paul (Fort Morgan) AAS-Business; wants to work in the accounting field.

Tasha Schroeder (Burlington) AGS.

Teresa Dabbs (Fort Morgan) Early Childhood Ed Directors Certificate.

Theresa Lueth (Akron) AA; wants to earn a massage therapy degree.

Tracy Smith (Strasburg) AGS.


In addition to the individually established and endowed scholarship funds named above, the MCC Foundation continually seeks additional moneys to provide general scholarships for students with the greatest need. For further information about how you can donate to the MCC Foundation scholarship fund, please visit and select “Giving” or call (970) 542-3107.

Students are encouraged to still apply for financial aid for the upcoming 2017- 2018 academic year as additional funds may become available. To apply or for more information on scholarships, visit


*Due to privacy requests, not all names have been published; additionally, some students have received multiple scholarships.