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Institutional Research

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MCC's Director of Institutional Effectiveness is responsible for the traditional "Institutional Research" duties.  These duties include:  providing routine information and analysis about the Morgan Community College and its student population to federal, state, and accreditation agencies; fielding impromptu information requests from MCC faculty and staff; and administering, collecting, and reporting student course evaluations.  The office of institutional effectiveness provides data to support college planning, student advising, grant writing and other projects and initiatives that require quantitative and/or comparative information about the College.

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MCC's Reports

MCC reports to the  Colorado Department of Higher Education via the SURDS (Student Unit Records Database System) data submission system.  SURDS requires data to be uploaded several times per year; usually at the end of each semester.  MCC provides the following reports:

  • Enrollment report (reported at the end of each term)
  • Undergraduate Applicant report (reporting new applications for admission for each term)
  • Degrees Granted report (reported at the end of the summer term, and also at the end of the fiscal year; shows the degrees/certificates granted)
  • Remedial Course report (shows enrollment and success in remedial courses; run at the end of each term)
  • Graduation Cohort
  • Retention Cohort Part-Time Retention Cohort (establishes a group of students to follow to determine retention rates)
  • Full-Time Retention Cohort
US Dept of Education IPEDS Reports
MCC also reports data to the United States Department of Education; some of the data is pre-filled by the Colorado Department of Higher Education; we confim that the pre-loaded information is correct and then supply additional data to the IPEDS system. 
High School Student Success Statistics: by High School This report focuses on the number of high school students enrolled by high school, and the student success rate by high school. The report is by academic year and includes number count plus percentages.
Student/Class Success Rate This report focuses on student success rates between high school and non-high school students for academic and remedial classes. The report is by academic year and includes number count plus percentages.