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AQIP Systems Portfolio

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 - AQIP Systems Portfolio

AQIP Systems Portfolio Overview

The Systems Portfolio is a primary means of communicating the college’s operational processes. It explains in detail the major systems related to  the accomplishment of the organization’s mission and objectives. The Portfolio consists of an Institutional Overview and sections on each of the nine AQIP Categories.

  • The Institutional Overview presents a picture of the institutions key strengths, ambitions, distinctions, and advantages, as well as the challeges and conflicts it faces.
  • The nine AQIP Categories provide a framework that colleges and universities can use to examine their key processes to make sure they are investing energy and resources in ways that will help achieve their goals.
  • Each AQIP Category deals with a related group of key processes and allows an institution to analyze, understand, and explore opportunities for improving these processes and the interrelationships among them.
Institutional Overview

Click here to read the Institutional Overview.