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Students who attend Morgan Community College with the intention to transfer to a four-year college or university should familiarize themselves with the general education requirements of that other institution. While graduation requirements may vary, it is ordinarily easy to transfer from one Colorado institution to another if a student’s planning is solid and grades are acceptable. MCC strongly recommends that transfer students seek assistance from an academic advisor to plan a transferable curriculum.

Transfer Agreements

Transfer agreements have been established in certain programs to facilitate transfer of Morgan Community College credits to other institutions. Agreements include articulation procedures as well as course equivalency lists. The Guarantee Transfer (GT) agreements assure transfer of credit once a specific curriculum has been satisfactorily completed. Students interested in transferring under an articulation agreement should discuss their plans with their academic advisor early in their studies. Transfer of credits to institutions not listed above is possible, however each situation must be evaluated separately by the Registrar or Departmental Head of the receiving institution.


Also see DEGREES & CERTIFICATES for details of Transfer Agreements and requirements

Guaranteed Transfer Program for General Education Courses in Colorado (gtPathways)

To facilitate the transfer of general education course credits from one state college to another, Colorado developed a statewide guaranteed transfer (GT) program (gtPathways Planning Guide)* and a statewide transfer policy. gtPathways applies to all Colorado public institutions of higher education. There are more than 300 lower-division general education courses in 20 subject areas approved for guaranteed transfer. Courses are approved periodically and apply as of the date they were approved (please note effective term). GT courses are noted in the course descriptions by a statement, and their GTxxx designation. Courses without the GT designation are not guaranteed to transfer; however, some may transfer depending on the student’s program of study and the decision of the receiving institution. Students should consult with their advisors when selecting courses for transfer.

See Guarantee for updates and lists of approved courses.

After starting your higher education at any public college or university in Colorado, and, upon acceptance to another, you can transfer up to 35 to 37 credits of previously and successfully (C- or better) completed GT general education coursework toward the general education core graduation requirements. Please note that statewide articulation agreements for the following professional degree programs prescribe specific general education courses and degree requirements: business, early childhood, elementary education, engineering, and nursing. Check with the school you wish to attend about which credits will transfer beyond any that are guaranteed by the GT transfer program or a statewide articulation agreement.

Statewide gtPathways List of Approved Courses

Colorado Community College System approved gtPathways courses are listed and updated as new courses are approved. See

gtPathways Course Equivalents at All Colorado Public Colleges & Universities

Colorado’s gtPathways is a set of general education courses that the State of Colorado guarantees to transfer to other Colorado public colleges and universities. Receiving institutions in Colorado shall apply guaranteed general education courses to a student’s general education or major requirements. Approved courses in gtPathways are not based on course equivalencies but meet content and competency criteria.

For a comprehensive list of course equivalents go to:

"D" Grades (Transfer and Applicability to Program Requirements)

"C" or better grades will be accepted in transfer. Individual colleges may choose to transfer "D" grades on a "case-by-case basis." Individual colleges will determine by program whether a "D" grade may be used to meet degree or certificate requirements.

-Approved by CCCS Education Services Council

Colorado Community College Numbering System (CCCNS)

The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) has adopted a common course numbering and common competency project to improve student transfer and to ensure curriculum quality across the Community College System. The project is designed assist in student course transfer within the Community College System and to Colorado four-year colleges. See the Catalog Addendum for updates, CCCS provides an electronic addendum to the Colorado Community College Numbering System (CCCNS) at:

and additional CCCNS information can be found at:

Student Appeals Policy (Transfer Appeals)

In the event you are denied transfer credit after having met the above requirements, please contact your community college transfer advisor for policies and processes. The complete text of the policy can be found at

60 + 60 Transfer Plan

If you are transferring from a two-year school to a four-year school, you may be entitled to additional guarantees. If you complete an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree, 60 credit hours of your A.A. or A.S. degree are guaranteed to transfer to a Colorado state four-year school, once you are accepted for admission. And, you should be able to finish a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree within another 60 credit hours. This is called a 60+60 Transfer Plan.

See transfer guides at

If you are accepted at a Colorado state public higher education institution and GT credits do not transfer as meeting graduation requirements, you may file a student appeal to resolve the problem. Additional information is available at the CCCS website.

The A.A. or A.S. degree will transfer to Colorado public four-year colleges and universities liberal arts and science degrees if you:

  • Complete your A.A. or A.S. degree including 35 credits state-guaranteed (gtPathways) general education courses, and
  • Earn a "C" grade or better in each course

Then at least 60 hours of your A.A./A.S. degree will transfer completely, upon admission, to a baccalaureate liberal arts and sciences major in Colorado’s public four-year institutions.* You are guaranteed to be able to finish your liberal arts and sciences baccalaureate degree with another 60 credit hours.

*See your transfer advisor as soon as possible for a list of applicable degrees. Articulation agreements exist for teacher education, business, and engineering that specify which lower-division credits are needed. Please see an advisor.

Credit earned for prior learning, Advanced Placement, correspondence courses, CLEP and other tested-only credit may not apply. The institution to which you transfer will evaluate these credits according to its own policies.

For more information, go to

Reverse Transfer (Degree Within Reach)

Degree Within Reach is the state of Colorado’s way of describing “reverse transfer,” a new process allowing students who have transferred from a Colorado community college to a Colorado university to combine credits from both institutions and apply them towards an associate’s degree.

If you are a transfer student, this means you can complete the associate’s degree you started at your community college while still working toward your bachelor’s degree. You could be eligible even if you left a four-year institution before earning any degree.

Current and former students who transferred since summer 2012 from a Colorado community college to one of the participating four-year institutions could be eligible.

Students who completed some college but who have not yet attained a degree may be eligible for an associate's degree if they meet the following criteria:

  • The student has completed 15 credit hours at a community college in Colorado;
  • The student has a minimum of 70 credit hours, including coursework at the four year institution;
  • The student has completed those 70 credit hours within 10 years of enrollment at any institution;
  • The student's completed credit hours meet the requirements for an Associate of Science, Associate of Arts or Associate of General Studies, to be determined via degree audit at the community college;
  • The student has not requested that their data be withheld at either institution
  • For more information see

-Approved CCHE Policy 8.05 - April 11, 2014

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2015-2016 Morgan Community College Catalog & November 2015 Addendum


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AAA-Advancing Academic Achievement Courses

ABM-Agriculture Business Management Courses

ACC-Accounting Courses

ACT-Automotive Collision Technology Courses

AGB-Agriculture Business Courses

AGE-Agriculture Economics Courses

AGY- Agriculture Crop and Soils Courses

AME-Agriculture Mechanics Courses

ANT-Anthropology Courses

ART-Art Courses

ASE-Automotive Service Technology Courses

ASL-American Sign Language Courses

AST-Astronomy Courses

AVT-Aviation Technology

BIO-Biology Courses

BTE-Business Technologies Courses

BUS-Business Courses

CCR-College Composition and Reading Courses

CHE-Chemistry Courses

CIS-Computer Information Systems Courses

COM-Communication Courses

CRJ-Criminal Justice Courses

CSC-Computer Science Courses

CSL-Counseling Courses

ECE-Early Childhood Education Courses

ECO-Economics Courses

EDU-Education Courses

EIC-Electricity Industrial/Commercial Courses

ELT-Electronics Courses

EMS-Emergency Medical Services Courses

ENG-English Courses

ENV-Environmental Science Courses

ESL-English as a Second Language Courses

FST-Fire Science Technology Courses

Foreign Language Courses***

GEO-Geography Courses

GEY-Geology Courses

HHP-Holistic Health Professional Courses

HIS-History Courses

HPR-Health Professional Courses

HUM-Humanities Courses

HWE-Health and Wellness Courses

JOU-Journalism Courses

LIT-Literature Courses

MAN-Management Courses

MAR-Marketing Courses

MAT-Mathematics Courses

MGD-Multimedia Graphic Design Courses

MOT-Medical Office Technology Courses

MST-Massage Therapy Courses

MTE-Manufacturing Technology Courses

MUS-Music Courses

NUA-Nursing Assistant Courses

NUR-Nursing Courses

PED-Physical Education Courses

PHI-Philosophy Courses

PHY-Physics Courses

POS-Political Science Courses

PPT-Power Plant Technology Courses

PSY-Psychology Courses

RAM-Range Management Courses

REA-Reading Courses

REE-Real Estate Courses

RTE-Radiologic Technology Courses

SCI-Science Courses

SOC-Sociology Courses

SPA-Spanish Language Courses

SVT-Sport Vehicle Technology Courses

THE-Theatre Courses

WEL-Welding Courses


List of Degrees & Certificates Offered

Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts Degrees with Designation

Associate of Arts: Other Agreements

Associate of General Studies

Associate of Science

A.S. Degrees With Designation

Agriculture & Rural Business

Applied Technology

Automotive Collision Repair

Automotive Service Technology


Early Childhood Education

Emergency Medical Services

Health Science Technology

Human Performance/ Physical Fitness

Industrial Electrical/Mechanical Maintenance

Massage Therapy

Medical Office Technologies

Medical Office Administrative Assistant


Nurse Aide



Radiology Technology

Welding Technologies