March 22, 2017 @ 6:30 pm
MCC Bloedorn Lecture Hall
920 Barlow Road Fort Morgan
CO 80701

A man and woman with star ratings above their heads.


19 min

Maggie a mother of two must face her own imperfections when she wakes up to find that she is perpetually being rated by a Yelp-like app that follows her around.  Soon others are being rated too, yet Maggie is a mere 2.5 in a world of 4’s and 5’s.



Older couple walking through the woods. Man is holding a box.


15 min

“Pickle has no business being as funny as it is.”  Indiewire

Let’s reflect on the short life of pickle.  Unable to swim, pickle is adopted by a caring couple who painstakingly keeps him propped up by a sponge.



Ten year-old girl with red hair looking sideways at camera.


25 min

Zsofi is struggling to fit in at her new school.  Singing in the school’s award winning choir is her only consolation, yet the highly regarded director of the choir may not be the inspirational teacher everyone believes her to be.



Man dressed as cowboy looking at a camera as he is filmed.

High Chaparral

9 min

The true story of Syrian refugees who find temporary shelter in a western theme park deep in the woods of Sweden.  What will they do when the theme park reopens in the summer?

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