Student Rights

Access to education and the opportunity to participate in programs and activities.


Timely accommodations and use of aids.

Students should not have to wait more than 2-3 weeks for internal communications to be completed between the ADA Coordinator and the faculty.



Information about disabilities and/or accommodations will only be shared with those directly affected, including faculty, the VP of Student Services, and others deemed necessary by the ADA Coordinator. Information will also be kept separately and under lock and key.

Student Responsibilities

Comply with the Student Code of Conduct.

All students, with or without a documented disability, must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.


Their own enrollment.

The student should make appointments with academic/faculty advisors to discuss and get help with selecting classes for graduation, and should register on-line or turn in paper registration of their own volition.



Students will not be questioned about or be pursued for information about any existing disabilities. They must initiate all requests for accommodations.


Provide adequate documentation.

To obtain accommodations, students must provide documentation in accordance with MCC’s Documentation Policy.


Maintain grades.

Students with disabilities are required to maintain the same standard of grades as students without disabilities for academic and financial progress.


Advanced notice of need for accommodation.

Some accommodations take time to acquire for the student, and they must notify the ADA Coordinator about their need for accommodations with enough time that the accommodations can be reasonably obtained.

Faculty Responsibilities


Faculty and staff must keep information pertaining to students with disabilities confidential. They will not discuss accommodations or disabilities with anyone who is not directly and academically involved with the student.


Implement accommodations.

Faculty and instructors must implement the accommodations deemed acceptable by the ADA Coordinator and/or VP of Student Success.



Any concerns about students granted accommodations should be shared with the ADA Coordinator.