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Newsletter- November 2009

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"Books aren't written- they're rewritten.  Including your own.  It is one of the hardest things to accept, especially after the seventh rewrite hasn't quite done it."  -Michael Crichton

Systems Portfolio Revision is Underway

On September, 29, 2009, the Strategic Planning Team launched a year-long project to revise the AQIP Systems Portfolio.  This document, which is vital to both the AQIP reaccreditation process and the public perception of the college (it is posted on our website), will be submitted in September, 2010.  Greg Thomas (overall project leader) extends his deepest thanks to all the people who have already agreed to serve on the project.  The following people have volunteered to be Category Review Team leaders:

Category Review Team Leader

Category Title

AQIP Category

Mary Zorn



Betty McKie

Helping Students Learn


To be decided

Accomplishing Other Distinctive Objectives


Connie Mese

Understanding Students' And Other Stakeholders' Needs


Jan Garcia

Valuing People


Diana Morgan

Leading and Communicating


Susan Clough

Supporting Organizational Operations


Charles Duell

Measuring Effectiveness


Kathy Frisbie

Planning Continuous Improvement


Paula Salmon

Building Collaborative Relationships


A number of other people have agreed to serve as team members, including Todd Schneider, Barbara Eckley-Trout, Joy Bryant, Laurie Morris, April Amack, Kim Ewertz, Michelle Urick, Kim Maxwell, Michael Shriver, Seth Nobel, Debi Casteneda, Greg Schehrer, Melody Wiener, Rhonda White and Mary Anderson.  Thank you all!

The teams are still being filled.  If you are asked to be on a category review team, please consider it an honor.  It means you are perceived as a person with valuable knowledge in some area of the college's operations.  This is not expected to be an overwhelming commitment:  the hard part is behind us (drafting the original portfolio).  This is a review and revision process with most of the sections of the portfolio running about seven pages in length. (The exceptions are Category One and the Overview, both of which are longer by design).

Project timeline:

  • Nov. - Dec.: Review Team members individually review their sections of the portfolio
  • Jan. - Feb.: Review teams meet to discuss and come to consensus on changes; revisions sent to the Writing Team.
  • March: First draft prepared
  • April: Review of first draft
  • May: Additional changes inputted
  • June: Indexes added
  • September: Final draft approved and submitted to the Higher Learning Commission; document posted to website.
The Strategic Planning Team will monitor progress of the project throughout the year.  The end result will be a document that represents us faithfully both to the Higher Learning Commission and the general public. 

A...QUiP of the Month:

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."
- Seneca (1st century Roman philosopher)

MCC Selects New AQIP Action Projects

MCC's Strategic Planning Team recently designated three projects as official AQIP action projects for the 2009-2010 school year: (1) Implementation of a new Learning Management System (Desire to Learn), (2) Development of a New MCC Strategic Plan, and (3) Determining a Process to Measure Common Learning Outcomes.  All action projects, current, completed, AQIP and non-AQIP can be viewed on our website:

Implementation of a new Learning Management System (AP-16)

Following the decision by the Community Colleges of Colorado to change online learning platforms from Blackboard/WebCT to Desire to Learn (D2L), each college took charge of its own conversion process.  At MCC Media Support Coordinator Troy McKie has been designated as the Learning Module System (LMS) Administrator and the process of migrating existing courses to the new platform has begun: Four courses are being piloted in D2L this Fall and the remainder will be converted by Spring semester, 2010.  Faculty training sessions are being held the 1st two weeks of November and the project is on schedule.  The main AQIP category that is affected by this project is Category 1: Helping Students Learn.


Development of a new MCC Strategic Plan (AP-19)

MCC's five year strategic plan expires in 2010 and so it is time to develop a new one.  Charles Duell, Susan Clough and Diana Morgan are the project leaders.  The time line for the project is as follows:

Fall, 2009:

  • Assess current plan
  • gather date and information to be used in future planning

Winter, 2010:

  • Meet with focus groups
  • receive internal/external input
  • draft the new strategic plan

Spring, 2010:

  • Finalize strategic plan
  • Reveal strategic plan.

Discussions of current and future plans have already begun at President's Staff and Strategic Planning Team meetings.  The project most noticeably affects AQIP Category 8: Planning Continuous Improvement, though it is expected to impact all operations at the college.

Determining Process to Measure Common Student Learning Outcomes (AP-22)

This project is a follow-up project to the Establishing Common Student Learning Outcomes project (AP-13).  Last year the Assessment team produced a list of common student learning outcomes for our graduates. The goal this year is to identify the measures of these outcomes and develop the processes needed to obtain those measurements. Project leader Kathy Frisbie indicates that this is the second step in developing an overall institutional assessment plan for the college. The final step will be to implement the measurement processes.  This project affects AQIP Categories 1 (Helping Students Learn) and 7 (Measuring Effectiveness).