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Newsletter- February 2011

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To stay ahead you must have your next idea waiting in the wings.

- Rosabeth Moss Kanter

SPT Names Three Continuous Improvement Projects as AQIP Projects
by Greg Thomas

The Strategic Planning Team (SPT) has determined which of its projects will receive AQIP-review status this year. Why do they do so? Because the number of action projects generated by SPT usually exceeds the number required by AQIP. SPT does not put a limit on the number of continuous improvement projects it undertakes each year, though it strives to generate at least one project for each of the college's strategic commitments (which now stand at eight). AQIP, on the other hand, requires only that we have at least three active projects at any given time. Designating a project as an AQIP-review project means that AQIP reviewers (our peers from other higher educational institutions) will read the project descriptions and annual updates, offering critique and suggestions for improvement. Action projects form part of the body of evidence that AQIP examines when determining a college's eligibility for reaccreditation, therefore the selection of projects for AQIP review is an important decision for the college.


Our AQIP-review projects for 2010-11 are

  • Determining a Process to Measure Common Student Learning Outcomes (continued from 2009-2010)
    • The goals of the Learning Outcomes project are
      • to develop a process to disseminate the common student learning outcomes developed in last year's assessment project, and
      • to develop processes for measuring common student learning outcomes.
  • Development of a Center for the Arts and Community Enrichment
    • The Center for the Arts and Community Enrichment project was introduced to the MCC staff in the Fall. The goal of the project is to establish a group comprised of college and community members that will synchronize efforts to sustain existing arts programs, develop new arts programs, find common funding sources for art programs in order to improve the quality of the arts in Morgan County, Colorado. While the long term vision is an actual brick and mortar community center for the arts, the short term vision is a cooperative body of community groups that coordinates efforts to enrich the cultural life of Morgan County, Colorado. The goal of this year's phase of the project is to determine the receptiveness of the college, local arts organizations and other related organizations in the community to the idea of such a group, and if the level of commitment warrants it, to bring all parties together to establish a common vision and working structure.
  • Developing a Process for Updating the Systems Portfolio on an Annual Basis. 
    • The goal of the Systems Portfolio update project is to develop a process for reviewing and revising the AQIP Systems Portfolio on an annual basis. AQIP requires that the Systems Portfolio be updated at least once every four years. Experience has shown, however, that significant changes can take place even within a single year's time. We feel there is a need to keep up to date on institutional changes, both major and minor. There is also a need to keep the public apprised of changes. The portfolio should be a living document that reflects the current state of operations of the college. If it is not revised on a regular basis, we could be spreading misinformation about ourselves. Experience has also proven that doing a little bit over a long period of time is easier than doing a lot over a short period of time.

SPT is in the process of generating additional continuous improvement action projects that further manifest our strategic commitments and will update the college when it has done so.


A...QUiP of the Month:

Whenever you set out to do something, something else must be done first.

- from "A select list of Murphy's Laws", compiled by Simran Khurana