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Action Projects- Completed/Retired

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AP1 Revising AWP |  AP1 Attachment Admin Performance Planning Eval FY10 |  AP1 Attachment Classified Evaluation Form FY10  | AP1 Attachment Faculty Evaluation March 09 - Completed
AP2 Integration Of AQIP And Strategic Planning - Completed
AP3 Restructure Of AQIP Steering Team
- Completed
AP4 Updating The Systems Portfolio To Align With AQIP 2008
- Completed
AP5 Updating Systems Portfolio
- Retired
AP6 Connectivity
- Completed
AP7 Employee Skills Database
AP7 Attachment Employee Skills Database - Completed
AP8 Student Engagement Survey - Completed
AP9 Website
- Completed
AP10 Program Development
- Completed
AP11 Connect-ED
- Completed
AP12 Freshman Student Advising
- Retired
AP13 Assessment Establishing Outcomes
AP13 Attachment Common Student Learning Outcomes- Completed
AP14 Creation Of An Ambassador Program - Completed
AP15 Implementation of MCC Portal - Completed 
AP16 Implementation of Learning Management System -- Desire2Learn (D2L)- Completed
AP17 MCC Automated Degree Audits (DegreeWorks)- Completed
AP18 Branding - Completed
AP19 Development Of A New MCC Strategic Plan
- Completed
AP20 Revising The Systems Portfolio For 2010
- Completed
AP21 Implementation of Formal Program Development Process- Completed
AP22 Determining Process to Measure Common Student Learning Outcomes- Completed

AP23 Creating An Online Systems Portfolio Template
- Completed
AP24 Why MCC Website - Completed
AP28 Raising Awareness of MCC teaching opportunities with FMHS faculty - Retired
AP27 Improving Part-Time Faculty Training & Support - Completed

AP29 Focus on Critical Thinking Creativity and Personal-Professional Responsibility - Retired
AP30 Growing the Center for Arts and Community Enrichment CACE - Completed
AP31 IR Glossary/Index- Completed
AP32 Implementation of Systems Portfolio Revision Process - Completed
AP33 Pilot Project: Measurement of Common Student Learning Outcomes

AP34_Aligning Data Resources with Operational Processes

AP-36 Marketing Segmentation Audit

AP-37 Administration & Finance Dashboard