Jennifer Newman

This month we are spotlighting Jennifer Newman, who was selected as “Faculty of the Year.” Jennifer, who teaches both history and social science, was introduced to the subjects at an early age. According to her:

My dad was a middle school social science teacher so we always discussed history and politics around the house growing up. My “time out” as a kid involved geography lessons with the family globe. As a result, I could identify and map all of the countries in the world by the time I was twelve. When I first went to college, I majored in Musical Theater but eventually, found my way back around to History.

It’s not hard to tell that Jennifer has always loved learning. She started working on her Master’s degree in History just three days after graduating with two

Jennifer Newman is handed a bouquet of flowers by Kathy Frisbie

Jennifer Newman (right) is handed a bouquet of flowers by VP of Instruction Kathy Frisbie.

Bachelor degrees in History and English. English was only going to be a minor concentration, but Jennifer says there were just too many amazing classes that she wanted to take!

Aside from teaching a full courseload, Jennifer also holds positions both at the college and at the state level. She is a SGA sponsor, SFAC and CFAC representative, VP of the Faculty Senate, and a member of MCC’s strategic planning committee.

As with everyone who works at MCC, Jennifer cares about the outcome for her students. As far as her hopes for students are concerned, it is best that we let her say it:

That they grow to realize that education is more than a piece of paper that can get you a better job. I hope that they cultivate their curiosity and become critical thinkers. I hope that they recognize and appreciate their own special and unique talents and elect to use them to better the lives of others.