Katie Barron headshot

Barron, Katie

Director of Communication and Marketing
(970) 542-3108
Aspen 216
B.A. University of Arizona; M.S. in Management, Liberty University
Headshot of Kenne Bauer

Bauer, Kenne

Admissions and Enrollment Specialist
(970) 542-3167
Cottonwood 135
A.A.S., Child Care & Management, Northeastern Junior College; A.A.S., Business Administration, Morgan Community College
Headshot of Kent Bauer

Bauer, Kent

Vice President of Student Success
(970) 542-3111
Aspen 215
A.A., Northeastern Junior College; B.S., University of Northern Colorado; M.S.M., Regis University

Beydler, Julie

Director of Human Resources
(970) 542-3129
Aspen 207
Associate of General Studies, Aims Community College; B.S. Human Resource Management, Franklin University
Head shot of Joy Bryant

Bryant, Joy

Faculty- Nursing
(970) 542-3239
Spruce 326
B.S.N., University of Akron; M.S.N., University of Akron; E.D.D., Instructional Leadership, Argosy University