Farrier, Stephanie

Faculty- English
(970) 542-3200
Cottonwood 121
M.A.- English, University of Toronto

Frasco, Mark

Director of Information Technology
(970) 542-3197
Spruce 309
A.A.S., Computer Network Engineering, Westwood College of Technology; B.S., Walden University
Headshot of Curt Freed

Freed, Dr. Curt

(970) 542-3105
Aspen 228
B.S., Washington State University; M.Ed., Heritage University; Ph.D., Washington State University
Head shot of Jane Fries

Fries, Jane

Assistant to the President
(970) 542-3106
Aspen 227
B.S., Oregon State University
Head shot of Kathy Frisbee

Frisbie, Kathy

Vice President of Instruction
(970) 542-3240
Spruce 363
B.S.N., Alfred University School of Nursing; M.S.N., Binghamton University; Career & Technical Education (CTE) Credential