Head shot of KC Sailsbery

Sailsbery, KC

Faculty- Health Science Technology
(970) 542-3156
Spruce 348
B.A.; University of Northern Colorado; M.Ed., Grand Canyon University

Savage, Joshua

English Faculty
(970) 542-3203
Cottonwood 117
M.A./B.A.- English, University of Northern Colorado
Head shot of Todd Schneider

Schneider, Todd

Science Faculty
(970) 542-3218
Spruce 341
A.A. & A.S., Morgan Community College; B.S. & M.A., Colorado State University
Head shot of Tracy Schneider

Schneider, Tracy

(970) 542-3125
Aspen 211
A.A., Northeastern Junior College; B.S., University of Northern Colorado; C.P.A.

Segura, Rebecca

Human Resources Coordinator
(970) 542-3130
Aspen 206
A.A., Morgan Community College; B.S.- Business, Regis University

Senn, Kimberly

Nursing Faculty
(970) 542-3177
Spruce 367
BSN- Nursing

Shawcroft, Sally

Director of Financial Aid
(970) 542-3151
Cottonwood 139
B.A., Adams State College

Sjostedt, Dr. Steven

Chemistry Faculty
(970) 542-3213
Spruce 340
B.S.- Chemistry, University of North Carolina-Greensboro; PhD- Earth and Atmospheric Science, Georgia Institute of Technology

Steffen, Gwen

Student Success Advisor
(970) 542-3224
Spruce 337
A.A.S., Morgan Community College; B.S., Colorado Christian University; Career & Technical Education (CTE) Credential
Head shot of Carol Steward

Steward, Carol

Financial Aid Advisor
(970) 542-3150
Cottonwood 136
A.A., Morgan Community College; B.S., Regis University
Head shot of Jay Stretcher

Stretcher, Jay

Faculty- Agriculture and Business Management
(970) 542-3260
Cottonwood 102A
B.S. Fort Hayes State University; Career & Technical Education (CTE) Credential

Stroud, Misty

Dean of Instruction
(970) 542-3191
Aspen 218
Bachelor's- Geology, University of Houston; Master's- Geology, Boston College; Ph.D.- Geology, University of Florida