Eakley-Troudt, Barbara

Faculty- Psychology
(970) 542-3206
Cottonwood 153
A.A., Daytona Beach Community College; B.A., University of Florida; M.A., Lesley College

Farrier, Stephanie

Faculty- English
(970) 542-3200
Cottonwood 121
M.A.- English, University of Toronto

Huard, Dr. Elizabeth

Spanish Faculty
(970) 542-3173
Cottonwood 151
Bachelor's- Spanish, Valdosta State University; Master's- Spanish, Florida State University; PhD- Hispanic Literature and Film, Florida State University
Head shot of RuAnn Keith

Keith, RuAnn

Faculty- English
(970) 542-3214
Cottonwood 149
M.A.- Communication, University of New Mexico; Ph.D- Communication; Georgia State University
Head shot of Carol Kuper

Kuper, Carol

Faculty- Math
(970) 542-3202
Cottonwood 150
A.A., Front Range Community College; B.A. & M.S., University of Northern Colorado
Head shot of Connie Mitchell

Mitchell, Connie

Faculty- Developmental Math
(970) 542-3207
Cottonwood 147
Head shot of Jennifer Newman

Newman, Jennifer

Faculty- Social Sciences
(970) 542-3204
Cottonwood 152
A.A., Aims Community College; B.A., M.A., University of Northern Colorado

Purves, Dianne

Biology Faculty
(970) 542-3201
Spruce 337
B.S.- Molecular Biology, California State University Sacramento; M.S.- Developmental and Cell Biology, University of California- Irvine

Savage, Joshua

English Faculty
(970) 542-3203
Cottonwood 117
M.A./B.A.- English, University of Northern Colorado
Head shot of Todd Schneider

Schneider, Todd

Science Faculty
(970) 542-3218
Spruce 341
A.A. & A.S., Morgan Community College; B.S. & M.A., Colorado State University

Sjostedt, Dr. Steven

Chemistry Faculty
(970) 542-3213
Spruce 340
B.S.- Chemistry, University of North Carolina-Greensboro; PhD- Earth and Atmospheric Science, Georgia Institute of Technology

VanLare, Dr. Ian

Biology Faculty
(970) 542-3211
Spruce 384
B.A.- Biology, Virginia Intermont College; PhD- Biology, VirginiaTech