Press Release


Fort Morgan, CO. 06/28/18.  Agriculture has evolved into a high-tech business that relies on computers, satellites, and drones to manage crops and other resources.  To

Jeff Davidson holding a drone in front of a Morgan Community College sign

Jeff Davidson is ready to teach students about operating unmanned aircrafts (drones) as part of MCC’s new Precision Agriculture program.

support this critical industry, Morgan Community College (MCC) has launched a Precision Agriculture program to help current and future farmers maximize their operations.

Precision Ag technology enables farmers, ranchers, cooperatives, service providers and equipment dealers make management decisions that increase efficiency and provide economic and environmental benefits.

“Agriculture has been transformed by technology over the years, with an increasing focus toward sustainability, resource use, water conservation, and crop yield,” said MCC Precision Agriculture faculty, Jeff Davidson. “The Precision Ag program will train students to use and integrate technology such as global positioning satellite systems and unmanned aerial vehicles linked with tractors, sprinklers, and other farm equipment.” 

MCC’s Precision Ag program is designed to teach individuals how to collect and utilize data to increase production with fewer resources.  Related careers include farm operations, Precision Ag technicians, equipment operators, crop consultants, crop scouts, data management specialists, and commercial drone pilots.

Participants who complete the full two-year program (60 credits) will earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Precision Agriculture Technology.  A ten-credit certificate in Unmanned Aircraft Systems is embedded in the AAS degree, and can be taken separately.  

Registration is currently open for fall semester courses, which will include Precision Ag Operations (AGR 235), General Crop Production (AGY 100), and Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Training (AVT 155).  Classes begin August 20.

For information about the program, contact Jeff Davidson at 970-542-3222 or, or visit   For assistance with registration or financial aid, call 970-542-3100.