MCC Ambassador

Become an ambassador for MCC!

MCC Student Ambassador Elmi Hussein

The Morgan Community College Ambassadors are an essential part of college recruitment and our MCC experience. Our ambassadors all have a common goal in mind: to show prospective students and guests a glimpse of what Morgan Community College can offer.

As an MCC Ambassador you would have the opportunity to interact and educate guests through Ambassador-led tours, student life activities, outreach events, and supporting high school students while representing Morgan Community College.

This is a chance to build your leadership skills, a great add to your resume and university applications, and an opportunity to be of service to MCC and our community.

High School Students



Make an impact! Help fellow students realize that college is an option for them.

Opportunity to add the following skills to a job resume or scholarship application:

  • Speaking to various sized groups about the importance of college
  • Using technology in presentations
  • Making an impact in the local community by sharing the importance of attending college
  • Organizing meetings and presentations
  • Marketing events and activities


  • Attend necessary training to learn about various concurrent enrollment and program options and attend quarterly meetings for updates.
  • Deliver MCC presentations to clubs and classes.
  • Share information about MCC with fellow classmates at information tables.
  • Distribute information about MCC events.
  • Attend MCC events to share information about the college with others. Topics will include:
  • Programs: Concurrent enrollment, Sophomore Scholars
  • Working at information table
  • Tour of campus
  • Deliver MCC Presentations to various high school clubs (collect student information cards and signature from Club Sponsor)
  • Give a campus tour to 2 prospective students. Coordinate with MCC Ambassadors.
  • Set up an information table during lunch at least 2 times per semester and collect student interest data for MCC outreach.
  • Assist with hanging up posters and distributing flyers.
  • Hand deliver notes/invitations/letters to students.
  • Assist MCC Marketing Team at 1 event of your choice including outreach events and career fairs.
  • Assist in spreading awareness of important dates such as scholarship deadlines and important financial aid dates.
  • Assist with programs designed for local schools. Example Brush Middle School Roadrunner Program.

College Students


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support in a variety of events (Including but not limited to: Summer Bridge, MCC Career Fairs, Local School Events)
  • Campus Tours (Including but not limited to: Summer Bridge Tours, Prospective Student Tours, HS College Exploration Tours)
  • Communication to Prospective Students (Including but not limited to: Phone Calls, Emails, Campus Visits)
  • Assistance in College Outreach Events. (May Include off campus events)
  • Participation of Roadrunner Wednesday. Ambassadors must wear their Ambassador Polos and name tags whether they are present during office hours from 11-2 or in their classroom.
  • Perform other duties as assigned while following MCC’s Guiding Principles: Integrity, Respect, Open and Honest Communication, and Collaboration.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Student must commit to one academic year.
  • Student must be able to fulfill 5 hours of office time per week.
  • Student must be in good Academic standing with MCC.

Desired Skills/Characteristics

  • Enthusiastic
  • Knowledge of MCC, Programs, and History
  • Ability to speak and interact with diverse groups.
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Organized and great time management skills.
  • Ability to work efficiently in a group (with other MCC Ambassadors)
  • Ability to perform assigned tasks without supervision.