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Cottonwood 104 & Zoom: 12:00- 12:30 PM    Zoom Only: 7:30-8:00 PM

August 26th- Using MyMCC, D2L, and Zoom
September 2nd- Shortcuts in Word, PP, Excel: Work Faster
September 9th- Using Your Student E-mail: Never Miss an Opportunity
September 16th- Formatting MLA Papers in Word and Adding Footnotes for Chicago Style
September 23rd- OneDrive: Store Everything Online
October 7th- Basics of Using OneNote: Go Paperless
October 21st- Work as a Team with OneNote
November 4th- Scheduling Appointments and Planning for Classes in Navigate


(for attending in Cottonwood 104)

Hello Students!

With the Fall semester here, I would like to introduce myself. I am your IT support during your time at MCC. Contact me if you need to check-out equipment, get tutoring in CIS, or have any issues with technology. We have created some next steps for you to follow once you are registered for classes, the first day of class, along with some resources for your use. Please reach out if you have any questions, feedback, or concerns. Feel free to use my contact information or you can drop by the library to talk to me. I am in the library during the morning on Mon., Wed., and Fri., and in the evenings on Tues. and Thurs.

I hope you have a great Fall semester!

-Michael Tranter, SUCCESS Technology and Data Specialist

(970)542-3195 or michael.tranter@morgancc.edu

Steps for the first day of class:

  1. Go to your class Desire 2 Learn (D2L), located in MyMCC under the course selection tab. Click the link to enter. CCConline classes and MCC classes have a different link.
  2. Click on the syllabus, which is usually found by clicking on the D2L course Content tab.
  3. Use the syllabus to confirm your class time, date, and location. To see if it is available in class, online, or a mix of both, look under “Instructional Method.” The syllabus also will have info on the course schedule and assignments due.

After you’ve registered for classes:

Billing/Financial Aid- Check to make sure your financial aid is sufficient to cover your bill, or you have paid in full or set up a payment plan. If you have questions regarding your bill, in-state tuition, or payment plans please contact Financial Aid at (970)542-3161.

  • To set up a payment plan, go to MyMCC, click the Financial Aid and Payments tab, then scroll down to payment options. Click “Sign up for NBS Payment Plan” and follow the steps.
  • Check your student bill to make sure COF is taken out and that your tuition is correct. If you have lived in-state for the past year, you may qualify for in-state tuition. To check your billing statement, go to MyMCC and click “Pay my Bill” in the dashboard tab. There you will see every semester listed and can pay the balance of the current semester in full if needed.
  • Remember: Financial aid awards (grants, loans) only show on the billing statement after the census date, so you may not see it for a while.

Check your schedule- Go to MyMCC, then click “My schedule” in the dashboard. You may need to select the Fall 2020 semester if you have taken classes previously. There you will see the location of your classes, the dates it starts/ends, and the course number/section number. You will need those numbers to look up your textbooks.

Textbooks- https://bncvirtual.com/morgancc Go to the bookstore website and manually enter your class/section numbers after putting in the correct semester/site. You will need to know if you are taking MCC classes or CCConline classes. The section number will start with a C if you are taking CCConline classes (C11, C21, C41, C51); all others will be MCC classes. You can order from the bookstore or from a third-party once you have the ISBN/Title. Check with your instructor first to make sure you don’t need an Access code if buying from a third-party. Also, you can sell your books back to the bookstore when you are finished.  Financial Aid can be used to purchase your books.

Check your Student E-mail- Never miss an opportunity or an e-mail from your advisor/financial aid! You have the option to forward them to your personal e-mail as well. To gain access go to the MyMCC portal and click a small grey e-mail icon with the word “Student” next to it. Remember: It’s Important to check often. Need help forwarding your e-mails? Contact Michael Tranter for more information.

Update personal information- It is important to keep your contact information as up to date as possible. This is to make sure we can contact you in case anything changes with your account, financial aid, etc. You can update this by clicking “update personal information” from the dashboard tab of MyMCC.

Make sure your computer/internet is working and you have a place to work- For most classes, you will need a stable internet connection and a working computer with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Also, if you live with others, it might be a good idea to get a headset and find a quiet corner of your house when working. During virtual classes, if more than one person is using the internet at once in your household it can slow down your speed which may interfere with your audio/video connection. Making an “internet schedule” with the people in your house might be a good idea if this is happening. If you need; a private internet connection via a hotspot, a laptop, a headset, or a video camera please contact Michael Tranter located in the Library. This equipment is free for all students to check out.

Resources for you to use as students:

D2L videos- https://www.morgancc.edu/current-students/student-help/ Although you will not have access to your classes in D2L until they start, you can get ahead of the game by watching tutorial videos MCC has made by going to the student help page. If you have any questions about navigating D2L, or if any issues arise, you can contact Michael Tranter for assistance.

Zoom tutorials- https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us Starting this semester, all classes will be done through Zoom! For tutorials on how to use Zoom, go to Zoom’s help center. They have great resources on understanding how to use Zoom. Contact Michael Tranter if you need any assistance.

Navigate- This app is useful for: planning classes, registering/paying for classes, scheduling appointments, and keeping track of what you need to do with already made To-Do lists. Click Navigate in the dashboard tab of MyMCC to get started.

The Virtual Welcome Center – https://cccs-meetings.webex.com/meet/student.services2 Open 11am-3pm. Go here to meet with an advisor, financial aid, or ask a question from the safety of your home! The Welcome center is also open on campus if that works better for you. You can use the Virtual Welcome Center, call, or schedule an appointment via Navigate if you would like to meet with someone in-person.

Technology workshops- these will be available on Wednesdays 12:00-12:30PM and 7:30-8:00PM starting at the beginning of the school year. Learn about using D2L, Zoom, Microsoft products, and more! Available in-person or online. More information coming soon.

Tutoring Center- Get tutoring assistance online or in person! Multi-lingual tutors are available if you need help in Spanish or Somali. Located in Cottonwood 106. Contact April Amack at (970) 542-3187 or april.amack@morgancc.edu for more information or to schedule an appointment in Navigate.

Learning Resource Center- The library is open! If you need to use a computer, print, find a book, need help with citations or just need a quiet study space please feel free to come and use the space.

Microsoft Office Tutorials