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Unmanned Aircraft Systems Certificate

drone being flown at sunset. Caption reads "Summer 2022, ground pilot school will prepare you for the FAA exam in one week"

Prepare for the FAA Commercial Drone Pilot license exam in ONE WEEK!

July 11-15, 2022 • 8am – 5pm • 9am – 4:30pm
Fort Morgan Campus • 920 Barlow Road • Fort Morgan, CO

Course Title: AVT 2055 UAS Ground School
Course registration number (CRN): 12977

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Other Regulations
Airspace Designations
Battery Theory, Electronics and Other Systems
Autonomy Levels
UAS Ground Stations
Proper Maintenance

This fall Earn your F.A.A. drone license in just 4 courses!

Course NumberTitleCredits
AVT 1055Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Training3
AVT 1056Aviation Concepts for UAS Pilots2
AVT 2055Unmanned Aircraft Systems Ground School2
AVT 2056Unmanned Aircraft Systems Commercial Applications3
Total Credits10

Ideal for

Precision Agriculture



Search & Rescue

Law Enforcement

Disaster Relief

Real Estate

Roof/Property Inspections


Courses Required

AVT 1055 – Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Training

Introduces and develops flight control and piloting techniques for common UAS platforms. Students will learn and demonstrate maneuvers, procedures, and best practices for safe UAS operation on fixed wing and rotary wing unmanned aircraft systems (drones).


AVT 1056 – Aviation Concepts for UAS Pilots

Develops the skills and knowledge required to be a pilot of a UAS in the National Airspace System. Students who are new to aviation will develop functional knowledge in the areas of pilot-in-command responsibilities, aerodynamic principles, aviation meteorology, and the flight environment.


AVT 2055 – Unmanned Aircraft Systems Ground School

Demonstrates readiness for the UAS Operator written test. Regulations pertaining to UAS operations will be introduced, including airspace, weather, and flight parameter limitations. The student will also demonstrate knowledge of UAS components and systems, maintenance, autonomy, ground stations, and telemetry.


AVT 2056 – Unmanned Aircraft Systems Commercial Applications

Explains the wide variety of commercial applications of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and operating procedures to ensure a safe outcome for executing such applications.  Students will model commercial scenarios to learn about Geographic Information Systems, aerial imaging and survey techniques, multispectral and LIDAR systems, agriculture, and other UAS mission types.

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Bill Miller

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