Financial Aid

Work-Study Positions

How to Apply

First Steps

  1. Complete the FAFSA at is external).
  2. Once MCC receives your completed FAFSA, we will email your student email address if any additional forms are required.
  3. After your file is complete, it will be evaluated through a process known as “need analysis,” which determines your financial need. Financial need is determined by deducting the amount you or your family can be expected to pay from established educational expenses (also known as the Cost of Attendance).
  4. You will receive an award letter stating the types and the amounts of financial assistance for which you qualify. You can also find your award letter in the MCC portal. If you indicate on the FAFSA that you are interested in work-study, and if you are eligible, a work-study award may be included in your award letter. Work-study is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Second Steps

    1. Look through the job listings, contact the supervisor of the job that you think would be a fit.
    2. Once you have an interview with the supervisor and you both feel like it is a fit, contact Janell at 542-3150,, or stop by the student Services to talk to her in person.
    3. At this point you will start the paperwork process. (You cannot start working until all paperwork is completed and a contract has been signed by all parties.)