This service is available for current students, faculty and staff.  If you are a community member, please visit your local public library and ask about Interlibrary Loan Service.

If you cannot find a title in the library’s collection, we can usually borrow it from another library in Colorado. Wait times vary when using Interlibrary Loan, so place requests early.

Most requests are free of charge and you will be notified if there is a cost involved. Many requests can be filled within 10 business days; however, some requests may take longer. Many libraries do not have college textbooks or DVDs available to loan, and generally are unable to fill requests for newly released titles less than a year old in accordance with customary interlibrary loan practices.

The loan period for books is determined by the lending library. The due date is written on a label attached to the item.

Items are non-renewable.

Every effort should be made to return borrowed Interlibrary Loan materials on time. If your ILL materials become overdue, additional items cannot be checked out until the materials are returned. No fines will be assessed for overdue materials returned in good condition.

A notice will be sent, which will be considered a bill when ILL items are seven (7) days overdue. A hold will be placed on student’s records, so students cannot register for classes, obtain financial aid, get transcripts, etc., until all Interlibrary Loan materials are returned in good condition and/or the fee is paid.  Replacement costs and processing charges are waived if all materials are returned undamaged and before restitution is made to the lending library. Unpaid patron accounts may be sent to a collection agency.

Material that is lost or damaged will be replaced at the expense of the borrower.

Library card privileges may be limited or suspended by the library or Morgan Community College.

Other libraries that would like to borrow materials from our collection, please contact our library at or (970) 542-3185.

Contact the MCC Library at (970) 542-3185 or for more information.