Mental health counseling from the privacy and convenience of your laptop or smartphone.

Enrolled students get eight (8) sessions FREE per academic year! (Be sure to sign up using your student email address.)

At MCC, we believe in developing and supporting the success of our students on both a personal and academic level, and we know that this all starts with your mental health and wellness.

Through our partnership with BetterMynd, students are now able to have live video-therapy sessions with a private counselor from the privacy and convenience of their laptops and smartphones. Costs associated with these sessions vary, dependent upon the fees of the counselor and referral/sponsorship of MCC.

The Trill Project (iPhone app)

The Trill Project is an anonymous social network that allows users to express themselves in a supportive environment while building tight-knit communities. Users can be confident in their anonymity while benefitting from hearing people around the globe share and relate to their honest thoughts.

(This is provided as a resource but is not connected to MCC.)