Check out our new schedule below. It’s printable, but also updates live with any changes to the schedule.

Tuition-free* classes this summer:

ART 121 Drawing I (3cr)  |  Fort Morgan |  CRN: 11247
MAN 226 Principles of Management (3cr)  |  Bennett or Global  |  CRN: 11271
BIO 201 A&P I (4cr)  |  Limon or Global  |  CRN: 11317
PSY 226 Social Psychology (3cr) |  Wray or Global | CRN: 11282
SOC 205 Sociology of Family Dynamics (3cr)  |  Burlington or Global |  CRN: 11284

*After scholarship application. The student must pay any fees.

Course Delivery Options
Door half open

Traditional Classroom

Classes are offered in a classroom with set times and dates.


Classes are accessible online and you can log-in anytime.


Class time is split between ‘in-class’ and online instruction.

Interactive Video

Classes use videoconferencing for a portion of the meetings.  Classes have a set location, times, and dates.

Global Classroom

Classes are taken from any location with an internet connection, use videoconferencing to connect students and instructor, and have set times and dates.

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