Mattie Haney

Mattie Haney


Fort Morgan Campus, Cottonwood 000

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<div class=”location”>Fort Morgan Campus, Office: Cottonwood 000</div>

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Erin Gonzalez, PTA, BA

Erin began teaching as a part-time instructor for the PTA Program in Fall 2022.  Prior to joining MCC, Erin was a PTA at East Morgan County Hospital in Brush for eight years. Erin received a Bachelor of Arts in Human Performance and Sport-Adult Fitness and Exercise Science from Metropolitan State University and is a graduate of the MCC PTA program, receiving her Associate of Applied Science.

Erin lives in Morgan County with her husband and two children, and is an avid golfer, volleyball player, and fitness enthusiast.

Charlene Carrera

Nursing Faculty

Charlene received her CNA and RN through Morgan Community College; then her BSN through Grand Canyon University and MSN through Western Governors University. She has experience in long-term care, pediatrics, mental health, and labor and delivery. 

Teaching statement:

“All students learn differently, and teaching should be adapted. Using evidence-based information to teach is something to include in the classroom and clinical setting. I think it is important to keep an open mind, be positive, and promote safe practice. Slow down, think about it, and then respond. There is something to be taught and learned every day.”

Bridget Sandoval

Associate Nursing Instructional Personnel (ANIP)

Bridget has been a nurse for over 13 years and received her ADN from Morgan Community College and her BSN from Walden University. Her experience includes working on a medical-surgical unit and in labor-delivery-recovery-postpartum (LDRP) unit. 

Teaching statement:

“My professional philosophy is to be kind, show people grace, and smile at everyone! As nurses we connect to people during the best and worst of life’s events. I am hopeful that I can pass this along to nursing students and help them become well-rounded in their career.”

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