ACT High School Code
ACT (American College Testing) assigns a code to each high school, and that code is used in Banner and is part of the data uploaded to SURDS.  The ACT HS code list is available at:  (new window).  ACT also has college codes. (new window).  
Access Demonstrations
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SURDS Enrollment Report table.  The age table shows the term's headcount distributed by age. Current table (new window).
Append to an Access Table
See Demonstrations.
Approved Programs
CCCS database of approved CTE programs in Colorado. (log-in required) Each of MCC's CTE Programs has to be approved by CCCS.  The Colorado Department of Higher Educaiton (CDHE) also maintains a list of active programs for all Colorado colleges and universities.
Academic Quality Improvement Program.  AQIP is one avenue for a college to maintain accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission.  It is based on continuous improvement and relies on several indicators of quality.  
AQIP Home Page