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Newsletter- October 2011

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Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.  – William A. Foster

Systems Appraisal Feedback Report is In

Much energy has gone into the MCC Systems Portfolio in the last eighteen months. The Systems Portfolio, an approximately 100 page document describing the college’s operations, was assembled by the MCC Writing Team with assistance from SPT and content experts across the campus.   Originally submitted in 2007, with a revision due every four years, MCC opted to go back to square one and completely remake its portfolio. The result is a better document and clearer description of our college’s operations.

Our Portfolio was then reviewed by a team of peers at other institutions. This review, known as the Systems Appraisal Feedback Report was received in September, 2011. The report gives the reviewers’ assessment of our portfolio, item by item, along with commentary that will be helpful to us in shaping our response to the response –that is, the action projects that will undoubtedly spring from this interaction.

At this point everyone in the college should be reading the Feedback Report or have already read the Feedback Report. The more people who weigh in on the discussion, the more representative our ensuing response will be. It is important for each employee to read the feedback for him or herself and formulate his or her own opinion about it, and then to communicate that opinion to his or her SPT representative. In the words of AQIP:

An organization needs to examine its Report strategically to identify those areas that will yield greatest benefit if addressed. Some key questions that may arise in careful examination of the Report may be: How do the team’s findings challenge our assumptions about ourselves? Given our mission and goals, which issues should we focus on? How will we employ results to innovate, grow, and encourage a positive culture of improvement? How will we incorporate lessons learned from this review in our planning and operational processes? How will we revise the Systems Portfolio to reflect what we have learned?

Our diligence at this task will determine the success of the team that will go to the Strategy Forum in May.

It is important to note that the report distinguishes between accreditation issues (procedural compliance issues which could affect our accreditation status) and strategic issues (issues related to the efficiency of our operation which could become the focus for improvement efforts). An initial piece of good news is that there were no accreditation issues found in the Systems Portfolio. As far as Strategic issues, Dr. Hart tells us:

"Overall, the 2011 Systems Appraisal Feedback Report shows marked improvement from the 2007 report.  There is only one category marked with “OO” and we received two “SS” designations.  The rest of the appraisal is fairly balanced between strengths (S) and opportunities (O) – which is an improvement since 2007."

Dr. Hart also offers congratulations to the members of the AQIP Writing Team, noting “they have been assigned a monumental task and have done exceptional work in presenting a clear and concise written representation of all the things we do at MCC. “

Remember MCC Faculty and Staff!  If you have an idea for an action project, you can submit it to the Strategic Planning Team using the Framing Documents contained in the AQIP box on MyMCC!
Strategic Forum Team Selected

Within a year following a Systems Appraisal, an institution participates in a AQIP Strategy Forum, where the focus is on developing an effective response to the Feedback Report . This will result in future action plans (for the 2012-13 year and beyond) and move us forward as a high-performance institution.

A team of seven people has been assembled to attend the Forum next year in Chicago, including President Hart; Vice President of Administration and Finance, Susan Clough, Vice President of Instruction, Betty McKie; Vice President of Student Success, Kent Bauer; the Director of Institutional Effectiveness; AQIP Liaison, Greg Thomas; and faculty member, Kathy Frisbie.

2011-2012 Action Projects

The Strategic Planning Team (SPT) has determined which three of its 2011-12 Action Projects are to be reviewed by AQIP. Those three are

A...QuIP of the Month:

The good news is we have a radar system so sensitive it can detect ICBM’s a full fifteen minutes before they make impact. The bad news is this report is 14 minutes old.

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