Summer Semester

Register today! Classes start May 28, 2024.

Summer semester at MCC includes 10-week and 8-week accelerated courses. Now is the time to get ahead in your degree/certificate, complete your program internships or clinicals, or enhance your skillset with some one-off classes.

Summer 2023 Schedule Cover

If this is your last semester you MUST apply to graduate to receive your certificate or degree.

Tuition-Free Courses

Each summer we offer tuition-free summer courses that give you a chance to explore new topics and career choices.

Must complete scholarship application and pay any fees. In-state tuition only.

  1. Apply to MCC
  2. Register for Classes – Register for classes through MyMCC using the Course Registration Number (CRN) listed.
  3. Fill Out the Scholarship Application
  4. Buy Textbooks

Teacher working with a small child on a robotics project

EDU 2211 Intro to Education
Tuesdays, 9am-10:55am
3 Credits
Hybrid (both in-class and online components)
May 30 – Aug 04
CRN (Course Registration #): 13373

Large book in a library with two pages creating the shape of a heart

LIT 2005 Race, Ethnicity, Culture: AH2*
Monday & Wednesday, 10am-11:55am
3 Credits
Remote Real-Time (via Zoom)
May 30 – Aug 04
CRN (Course Registration #): 13344

*Guaranteed to transfer to public,
Colorado universities