Limon Center

The MCC Limon Center is proud to serve the Arickaree, Arriba-Flagler, Genoa-Hugo, Karval, Kit Carson, Limon, and Woodlin schools and communities.

Associate Degrees in:
Arts, Science, Applied Science, and General Studies

Transfer Courses
Nursing Pre-Requisites
Nurse Aide training

Agriculture & Business Management
EMS Training
Computer Classes
Sophomore Scholars

Ask us how we can help you earn your GED!


333 M Ave., Suite 300
Limon, CO 80828
PO Box 729
Phone: (719) 775-8873
[email protected]


Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm



Robbin Schinke

Robbin Schinke

Director of Regional Community Outreach - Bennett & Limon

Michael Bidwell

Michael Bidwell

Coordinator of the Limon Center

MCC - Limon Center