What We Offer


Adult Basic Education courses are taught by highly qualified instructors and empower students to go further in their education and succeed in life. The skills students learn by taking these classes help them fulfill their responsibilities at home, work, and in the community.

Flexible Options

All courses are offered with a Virtual Only option (students log in via Zoom at the scheduled class time) or a Hyflex option (students come in person most days at the scheduled class time and sometimes join via Zoom). Students may also choose either a morning or afternoon class option. All classes are taught in English.

Kseniya Walcott

Kseniya Walcott

Student Retention and Basic Skills Specialist

Our Course Offerings

All classes are offered virtual-only or virtual/in-person.

GED (General Educational Development)

What is the GED?

The GED stands for the “General Educational Development” Test. This is a test students may take if they haven’t finished high school and they would like to show they still have those same skills in English, Social Studies, Math, & Science. We offer 2 courses to prepare students for the test: English and Social Studies; Math and Science. In MCC’s GED & ESL program, these subjects together because they have many overlaps in terms of testing skills and content necessary to pass. For more detailed information about the test, please visit the GED website.

Class Schedule

GED Session #1: January 17 – March 11, 2022
GED Session #2: March 14 – May 6, 2022

Schedule TBA

Choosing to take this class, the student agrees to an 8-week maximum commitment. This means arriving to all classes on time, completing the assigned work, taking the GED test, and not missing more than 5 days in each class.


What is ESL?

ESL stands for “English as a Second Language” and is English language education for people who already live in a country where that is the common language. These English classes are for students who want to improve their English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills for everyday life in the United States. The GED & ESL program emphasizes an integrated skills approach in the classroom to make sure students can practice and apply all four language skills.

Class Schedule

Spring Session: January 17 – April 29, 2022

Schedule TBA

Choosing to take this class, the student agrees to a 15-week maximum commitment. This means arriving to all classes on time, completing the assigned work, and not missing more than 5 days in each class.


1 GED Class for 8 weeks

2 GED Classes for 8 weeks

1 ESL class for 15 weeks

Class costs give the student access to resources at MCC and other community connections to help with personal and professional goals.


1. If I was previously a student in the program, do I still need to go through the enrollment process?

Yes, you will still need to go through our enrollment process so that we have your most up-to-date personal information.

2. What is the difference between the Hyflex and virtual-only options?

The Hyflex option allows you to attend class in-person most days, but if you are sick, or can’t physically come to class for other reasons, you can still join at the same scheduled class time via Zoom. If you choose the virtual-only option, then you can only join online via Zoom during the class time but not come in-person to class.

3. What is the 8-week maximum commitment for GED & a 15-week commitment for ESL?

For GED classes, if you take the first 4 weeks of classes and pass all your subject tests (i.e. finish your GED), then you are no longer obligated to attend classes for the last 4 weeks. But if you still need more prep time, you can stay for the full 8 weeks. By the 8th week, you will be asked to sign up to take your subject tests. As an ESL student, you will be required to attend 15 weeks of classes so that you have the most exposure to the language. Both courses require you as a student to attend during the scheduled times, do the homework, and participate to the best of your ability. You are allowed to miss up to 5 days of class for family situations, emergencies, etc. Coming to our program is making a full commitment to your education.

4. Do you currently offer GED courses in Spanish?

Unfortunately, we don’t have those classes available to students yet. But we hope to offer them and more options to our community in the future!

How to Get Started


Fill out the application form.


Complete any necessary testing.


After you complete your testing, an email will be sent to schedule your final appointment to do paperwork and get a tour of campus. We will also review test results and discuss class placement.

Need Help?

Visit Cedar Hall on the Fort Morgan Campus or call (970) 542-3271. We’d be happy to assist you!

Program Mission

Our mission is to provide an educational environment which helps adult learners attain their personal and professional goals. We strive to support our learners by giving them the resources they need to succeed in attaining their GED credentials and/or gains in English language learning. This will be accomplished through focused instruction in their desired subject areas; consistent feedback on progress and areas for growth; and assistance in connecting them to resources fostering their learning while in our program and professional opportunities they desire to pursue after our program. In doing so, we hope to cultivate adult professionals who are more confident in their abilities acting as a continually valuable asset to their workplaces and communities with their enhanced skills/credentials.