Student Awards

2023 CCCS Excellence Award Winners

MCC Rising Star 2023 Award Winner Daniel Serna

Daniel Serna

Daniel Serna is a first-generation student working toward an electrical certificate, mechanical certificate, and an Associate of Applied Science degree in MCC’s Electromechanical Technology (ELMT) program.  While enrolled, he has gained valuable experience working as an intern with Industrial Communications West.  

After graduation, Daniel plans to attain a Journeyman’s license and work in his local community.  He is motivated by seeing the sacrifices his parents have made to create options for him and knows that education will lead to opportunities to provide a better life for him and his family.  Daniel is a leader in the classroom.  He takes initiative in his learning and demonstrates a positive attitude and safety awareness.  

During his free time, Daniel spends time volunteering at Food Bank of the Rockies and as an umpire.

Rising Star Award

Awarded to a student who has a high-level of involvement in campus leadership activities and helps to increase the level and quality of student engagement.

MCC Inclusive Excellence 2023 Award Winner Ahmed Aden

Ahmed Aden

Ahmed Aden is an MCC student enrolled in the Rural Business Entrepreneurship program and will graduate in Spring 2023. Ahmed has demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout his academic and personal endeavors. His passion for creating a more equitable and just society is evident in his work with various organizations and initiatives.  

Ahmed worked with a local non-profit organization that provided mentoring and leadership development to underprivileged youth. Additionally, Ahmed was involved in several student-led organizations aimed at promoting diversity and inclusivity on campus. He has also volunteered to help refugee and immigrant youth transition into the local community, helping them navigate the educational system.

Ahmed is fluent in English, Amharic, Oromo, and Somali, and tutors students in developing their English-speaking skills. In his free time, Ahmed enjoys painting and spending time with his family.

Inclusive Excellence

Awarded to a student or organization that has demonstrated a significant contribution toward creating a diverse and inclusive environment.

Jhoany Juarez Rising Star Student Award 2023

Jhoany Juarez

Jhoany Juarez is a Burlington High School student, concurrently enrolled at MCC.  A first-generation student, Jhoany is working towards completing an Associate of Science degree and will graduate this spring from high school. Jhoany was selected to receive a prestigious Boettcher scholarship and plans to attend Colorado State University to pursue a degree in Animal Science or Ag Business.

While in high school, Jhoany has been active in student governance, serving on Student Council and as class president. Jhoany is also an officer with Future Farmers of America and serves with the Burlington Youth Council.

Jhoany started a licensed car detailing service at the age of sixteen. Within a year of opening his business, he successfully moved it from a home office to a commercial building and is providing service spanning three states.

In his free time Jhoany enjoys fishing.

Rising Star Award

Awarded to a student who has a high-level of involvement in campus leadership activities and helps to increase the level and quality of student engagement.

2023 Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) All-Colorado Academic Team

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) student Alex Rivas

Alex Rivas

Alex Rivas will graduate from MCC in the spring of 2023 with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Electromechanical Technology. A first-generation student, Alex grew up in a single parent home with older siblings. He has been motivated to accomplish his goal of being an Electrical Technician to support his future family and to honor his mother and the struggles she endured to raise her children.  

After graduation, Alex plans to enter the workforce as an Electrical Technician and work for a pipeline and maintenance company. Alex is a member of MCC’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) student Jacqueline Mendez

Jacqueline Mendez

Jacqueline Mendez is a first-generation student pursuing an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Radiologic Technology at MCC. Jacqueline experienced the loss of her father and brother at an early age, influencing her decision to enter the health care industry. The memories of her father and brother motivate her to stay strong and persevere during tough times.

Jacqueline plans to utilize her degree in a hospital setting working as a Radiologic Technician on a trauma ward providing diagnostic imaging services. Jacqueline is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society chapter at MCC.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) student Khadro Abdi

Khadro Abdi

Khadro Abdi is pursuing an Associate of Science Degree in Biology at MCC.  The oldest daughter of immigrant parents and a first-generation student, Khadro will graduate summer of 2023 with an Associate of Science Degree with an emphasis in Biology.

Growing up in Somalia, Khadro was faced with the challenge of being able to access education. After moving to America, her dream of an education became a realization. Khadro plans to transfer to Colorado State University after graduating from MCC to pursue a degree in Pediatric Medicine. Her desire to become a doctor was influenced by the poor medical care in Somalia, and she wants to provide access to quality health care in her community.  

Khadro is an advocate for others and has helped Somali students achieve equity.  She was active in the Fort Morgan High School Diversity Club, involved in the One Morgan County International Music Festival, and has served as a volunteer with AmeriCorps.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) student Riley Sorenson

Riley Sorenson

Riley Sorensen, a first-generation student, will graduate from MCC in the spring of 2022 with an Associate of Applied Science degree with a concentration Biology.  Riley plans to transfer to Colorado School of Mines, where she will pursue her goal of earning a Doctorate Degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Riley is an active volunteer in her community through the Teen for Change organization. She enjoys being a leader and helping others be successful. Riley is a member of MCC’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.