Headshot of Kenne Bauer

Bauer, Kenne

Admissions and Enrollment Specialist
(970) 542-3167
Cottonwood 135
A.A.S. Business Administration - Morgan Community College; A.A.S. Child Care & Management - Northeastern Junior College

Brown, Elinor

Manufacturing Pathways Campus Coordinator/Transcript Evaluator
(970) 542-3165
Cottonwood 141
B.A. University Studies - University of New Mexico; A.A. Liberal Arts - San Juan College
Headshot of Maria Cardenas

Cardenas, Maria

Director of Admissions
(970) 542-3169
Cottonwood 137 (Student Services)
B.S. Business - Adams State University; A.A. - Morgan Community College; A.G.S. - Morgan Community College
Head shot of Dolores Del Campo

Del Campo, Dolores

Embajadora Estudiantil/Student Ambassador
(970) 542-3149
Cottonwood 144
M.A. Multicultural Education - University of Colorado; Bachelor of Education - Universidad Pedagogica Nacional

Díaz, Iván

Director of Access and Enrollment Services
(970) 542-3157
Cottonwood 136
M.A. Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership, B.A. Communications - University of Northern Colorado
Headshot of Andrea Ertle

Ertle, Andrea

Financial Aid and Enrollment Specialist
(970) 542-3161
Cottonwood 142
B.A. English - Ashford University; A.A. - Northeastern Junior College
Headshot of Connie Mese

Mese, Connie

Assistant to the Registrar
(970) 542-3159
Cottonwood 162
A.A. - Morgan Community College
Headshot of Julie Ramstetter

Ramstetter, Julie

Library Resources Specialist & Student Life Coordinator
(970) 542-3184 (Library); (970) 542-3170 (Student Center)
B.S. Applied Social Science - Colorado State University Global Campus; C.E.R. General Clerical - Red Rocks Community College; C.E.R. Law Enforcement Academy - Arapahoe Community College
Head shot of Kelly Rasmussen

Rasmussen, Kelly

Assistant Director of Financial Aid
(970) 542-3160
Cottonwood 137A (Student Services)
B.A. Sociology - University of Wisconsin
Headshot of TJ Schneider

Schneider, TJ

Admissions Recruiter & Advisor
(970) 542-3168
Cottonwood 116
B.S. Business Administration - Colorado State University; A.G.S. - Morgan Community College
Headshot of Sally Shawcroft

Shawcroft, Sally

Director of Financial Aid
(970) 542-3151
Cottonwood 139
B.A. English - Adams State College
Headshot of Carol Steward

Steward, Carol

Financial Aid Advisor
(970) 542-3150
Cottonwood 136
B.S. Human Resources Management - Regis University; A.A. - Morgan Community College
Headshot of Deb Wacker

Wacker, Deb

Enrollment Specialist
(970) 542-3152
Cottonwood 135
M.G. Agriculture - Colorado State University; B.S. Animal Science - Colorado State University; A.A. - Northeastern Junior College