a diverse groups of students from sitting on a ledge with laptops.

Our Community Values

Morgan Community College exists in a unique, diverse, and rural environment. Our students and staff represent a broad range of ethnicities, cultural heritages, religions, beliefs, orientations, values, and lived experiences. We work to be a place where differences are heard, lives are valued, and our communities grow through our respect and care for each other.

Our institutional framework, including the mission, vision, values, and guiding principles that shape us daily are deeply rooted in promoting the health and wellbeing of all. Our mission is to empower students and enrich communities. We value the individual, integrity, diversity, equity, and excellence. Our vision is to develop learners and responsive leaders who inspire innovation and passion in future generations. And we are guided by individual integrity, respect for others, open and honest communication, and collaboration.

We believe that violence or acts that seek to harm or impair the life, voice, property, or rights of others is wrong and inconsistent with our institutional framework. As a college, we’ll do what we can to protect individuals and will continue to seek understanding through listening. We will promote individual and systemic actions that prioritize careful respect and concern for others.

Our stance has not changed. We remain an advocate for underrepresented populations and advocates for helping everyone. It’s in our core, is a part of our institutional framework, and is here to stay. We’re committed to listening, supporting, and promoting change to help make this world a place where everyone can imagine, believe, and achieve their dreams.

We invite members of our communities to use MCC Cares to express concerns or give input on how we can reach these goals. We value your feedback, and believe that through our collaboration we will all be improved.