December 20, 2023

Morgan Community College Acquires Property in Wray, Colorado

The newly acquired building at the corner of Highways 385 and 34 will serve as a strategic investment to support MCC's ongoing initiatives.

Morgan Community College announces its recent acquisition of property located at 300 Dexter Street in Wray, Colorado. The purchase, made from Leslie and Bryce Revell, will be the site of a new MCC Wray Center and marks a significant step in the college’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its students and the Wray community.

The newly acquired building at the corner of Highways 385 and 34 will serve as a strategic investment to support MCC’s ongoing initiatives. As part of the institution’s forward-thinking approach, the goal is to develop the facility to align with the future needs of the college and its stakeholders in the Wray region.

Old Texaco gas station aquired by MCC on Dec 20, 2023 to convert to the new permanent MCC Wray Center location.

“Morgan Community College has served the Wray and surrounding region for many years in leased locations.  Purchasing this property increases MCC’s equity and visibility in the community,” stated MCC President, Dr. Curt Freed. “It will also allow for expanded service and educational opportunities, such as providing space to bring mobile training labs to the region.”

The institution plans to engage in collaborative dialogue in early spring 2024 with community stakeholders to incorporate the needs and aspirations of the Wray region into the building’s renovation plans. Individuals, businesses, and organizations interested in providing input are encouraged to email

“Morgan Community College is a vital asset in our community. Besides offering our high school students educational opportunities that benefitted both of my sons, MCC is helping Wray grow our own nurses and nursing assistants, as well as providing affordable classes for many of our community members,” stated Dr. Monte Uyemura, respected Doctor of Family Medicine and dedicated resident of Wray. “I am looking forward to seeing MCC move into their new location.  It will be nice to see an educational institution anchoring that corner, and I hope to see MCC have an even greater presence in Wray in the future.”

“We are absolutely thrilled with our new, prime location that allows us to serve and grow alongside the Wray Community,” stated MCC Director of Regional Community Outreach – Burlington & Wray, Holly Haman-Marcum. “Recognizing the dynamic nature of community, education, and training requirements, we are committed to adapting and becoming an integral partner in the ongoing development of the Wray community.”

While the new Wray Center is being developed, MCC will continue to serve students in its interim location, 423 Main St., Suite G in Wray. The phone number is 970-332-5755.

Morgan Community College leadership looks forward to working closely with the residents of Wray in developing the new Wray Center property. The college remains committed to providing quality education, fostering community connections, and contributing to the growth and development of the region.

To receive additional information about how to support MCC’s students or campus development, contact Susan Clough, MCC Director of Development and Foundation at or (970) 542-3133.

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