Industrial Controls & Telematics

Get ready for an in-demand career

Starting wages for an ICT Technician range from $18-$25 per hour.

ICT is an in-demand job, growing in all industries shifting to automation.

Complete the program in 9 months with an internship!

Prepares you to earn credentials through NIMS or ISA!

The Industrial Controls & Telematics (ICT) program will provide quality training to individuals interested in working in the field of automation. Manufacturing industries rely on properly installed and maintained systems to the meet the growing production demand. More than ever, these industries need reliable technicians to work on these automated systems.

Our certified instructors will help students develop skills to work on technical automation systems in the electrical, mechanical, and precision agriculture industries.

Fall Semester

EIC 124 Electrical Safety Requirements (1)
ELT 106 Fundamentals of DC/AC (4)
AGR 236 Precision Farming Hardware (3)
EIC 220 Industrial Electrical Controls (4)
PRO 130 Instrumentation I (3)

Spring Semester

EIC 224 Understanding PLC’s (1.5)
ELT 258 Programmable Logic Controllers (3)
ELT 268 Robotics Technologies (3)
GIS 212 Remote Sensing & Digital Image Processing (4)
PRO 131 Instrumentation II (3)
ELT 280 Internship (3)

MCC prepares students to get

Nationally & Internationally Credentialed

By earning NIMS or ISA credentials, students secure a competitive edge when applying for jobs because they have demonstrated that their skills meet the industry-established standards. NIMS and ISA credentials never expire.

The ICT program at MCC prepares you to be nationally credentialed by NIMS and ISA in the following areas:

  • Electronic Control Systems Specialist
  • Electrical Systems Specialist
  • Process Control Specialist
  • Basic Mechanical Systems
  • Basic Pneumatic Systems

*Note that MCC does not administer the NIMS or ISA tests. The test can be taken through NIMS after program completion.

Interested in the ICT program?


Meet the Faculty

MCC staff member George O'Clair


George O’Clair

George O’Clair’s experience includes completing a Navy Electrical internship and work as a Journeyman level; marine, Lineman, Instrumentation, signalman, commercial, Industrial, and residential electrician. George currently owns his own electrical company.  His instruction experience includes having taught English language, high school equivalency, the Director of Workplace Education for MCC located at Cargill, and was the President of Colorado Adult Education Professional Association (CAEPA) for four years.

With the help of corporations O’Clair built the existing Electrical Mechanical technology (ELMT) program. George currently is the lead professor of the ELMT, Industrial Control Telematics (ICT), and Mechatronics programs. George currently holds a Colorado Department of Regulatory (DORA) professor credential, and certificates in CTE, Manufacturing process, LIA, business development, leadership, and several other technical topics.  He also earned a Bachelor’s degree in human resource management. George has won several awards for the Workplace Education and ELMT programs. George spends time with his family, hobbies, reading, and staying active.

Program developed with a National Science Foundation ATE grant for Industrial Controls & Telematics Across Disciplines, NSF Award ID 1902290.