Area of Study

Electromechanical Technology

The Electromechanical Technology program gives the student an understanding of instrumentation, general maintenance and manufacturing processes, electricity and its many applications, theory, and calculations.

Earn 2,000 hours toward an electrical Journeyman apprentice program!

Transform your passion for problem-solving into a dynamic career with the MCC Electromechanical Technology program. Gain hands-on skills, unlock high-demand job opportunities, and electrify your future. Enroll now and spark your journey towards a rewarding and fulfilling career as an electrician!

In MCC’s Electromechanical program you will learn about instrumentation, general maintenance and manufacturing processes, electricity and its many applications, mechatronics, theory, and calculations. Upon completion of the Electromechanical Technology AAS degree you will have earned 2,000 hours toward an electrical Journeyman apprentice program and be in an internship with one of MCC’s local industry partners.

Career Outlook

According to a Colorado Sun article in June 2023, “The electrician occupation is expected to grow by 21.5% over the next decade, which is faster than the average occupation growth rate of 14.8%.” As Colorado moves to become more efficient and reduce its greenhouse emissions the demand for electricians is skyrocketing.

Becoming an electrician can serve as a foundation for further career advancement. With additional training and experience, electricians can pursue roles such as electrical contractors, project managers, or electrical engineers.

Interested in ELMT?

Mechatronics High School Track for MCC Centers

Two electrical students work with the instructor on a mechantronics unit with electric relays and buttons

Available to high school students at our Center locations. Courses will have a synchronous lecture portion Wednesday’s from 1PM – 2 PM and 2 PM – 3 PM, and a hands-on lab at the local high school.

Learn the fundamental skills for integrating mechanical systems with electronics and computer software to create more functional and efficient products and processes.

The classes in this track will earn credits toward a certificate and/or degree in the Electromechanical program at MCC. These courses will provide the basis for a variety of pathways such as engineering, electrical, electronics, mechanical, mechatronics, robotics, and instrumentation.

Course Plan Over a Two-Year Period

First year, fall semester

ELT 1206 Fundamentals of DC/AC (4 credits)

First year, spring semester

ELT 1260 Instruments and Measurements (4 credits)

Second year, fall semester

EIC 2324 Understanding PLC’s (1.5 credits)
EIC 2221 Troubleshooting Control Circuits (1.5 credits)
EIC 1103 Electrical Safety Requirements (1 credits)

Second year, spring semester

EIC 2322 Instruments and Process Controls (4 credits)

After high school graduation

Industrial Electrical Certificate
Industrial Maintenance Certificate
Industrial Control Telematics Certificate
Electrical Mechanical Technology Degree

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mechatronic classes only open to high school students in the listed areas?

Only high school students may attend classes held at the high schools; however, all of these classes are part of the Electromechanical Degree, offered at the Fort Morgan campus every year. Non-high school students and Morgan County high school students may attend those classes. If there is enough interest, MCC will consider offering additional classes at Center locations that are open to all ages.

How do I sign up?

High school students – contact your high school counselor to get started or reach out to the advisors at the closest MCC Center for assistance.
Non-high school students – complete the interest form on this page to get started.

Are ALL of the Mechatronic classes part of the degrees and certificates I would finish at the Fort Morgan campus?

All of the classes are included in the Electromechanical Degree, and most of them are included in the available certificates.

Do I have to travel to the Fort Morgan campus?

If you are a high school student attending a high school that offers this program at one of MCC’s Center locations, you will not have to travel to the Fort Morgan campus. The lecture portion of the class will be online through Zoom (or similar technology) and the lab (hands-on) portion will be at your high school.

Non-high school students or Morgan County high school students will need to attend classes at the Fort Morgan campus.

Industrial Controls and Telematics Certificate

The Industrial Controls & Telematics (ICT) program will provide quality training to individuals interested in working in the field of automation. Manufacturing industries rely on properly installed and maintained systems to the meet the growing production demand. More than ever, these industries need reliable technicians to work on these automated systems.

Our certified instructors will help students develop skills to work on technical automation systems in the electrical, mechanical, and precision agriculture industries.

Man working on a robotic arm in a manufacturing setting

ELMT Gallery

See what our ELMT students get up to on a daily basis with this hands-on program.

View the catalog for courses and program requirements.

Electromechanical Technology Degree

Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Electrical

Industrial Control & Telematics

Careers & Salaries

Updated March 2024. Career information from O*Net Online.

Position Median
Electricians $60,240
Industrial Machinery Mechanics $59,830
Electrical & Electronics Repairers, Commercial and Industrial Equipment $64,030
Electromechanical Equipment Assemblers $35,580

Meet the Faculty

MCC staff member George O'Clair


George O’Clair

George O’Clair’s experience includes completing a Navy Electrical internship and work as a Journeyman level; marine, Lineman, Instrumentation, signalman, commercial, Industrial, and residential electrician. George currently owns his own electrical company.  His instruction experience includes having taught English language, high school equivalency, the Director of Workplace Education for MCC located at Cargill, and was the President of Colorado Adult Education Professional Association (CAEPA) for four years.

With the help of corporations O’Clair built the existing Electrical Mechanical technology (ELMT) program. George currently is the lead professor of the ELMT, Industrial Control Telematics (ICT), and Mechatronics programs. George currently holds a Colorado Department of Regulatory (DORA) professor credential, and certificates in CTE, Manufacturing process, LIA, business development, leadership, and several other technical topics.  He also earned a Bachelor’s degree in human resource management. George has won several awards for the Workplace Education and ELMT programs. George spends time with his family, hobbies, reading, and staying active.

MCC staff member Daniel Feuerstein


Daniel Feuerstein, ME, CTE

Daniel began at MCC as an online adjunct instructor and after three years became full-time faculty in the Electrical Mechanical Program. During a career that spans over two decades, he has achieved a Master Electrician’s License in Colorado and Alaska, CTE Credential, is a State Approved Provider/Instructor and owning an electrical company. Daniel is currently completing a B.A. from MSU Denver and has found teaching to be a true passion. Outside of the electrical world, Daniel enjoys time with his family and traveling, especially to New Orleans!

MCC Staff Member Eric Walek


Eric Walek

Eric began teaching in the Mechatronics program in 2024.  Prior to joining MCC, Eric worked as a mechanical engineer for Xcel Energy.  Eric received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from CU Denver and an Associate of Science degree from MCC.  He is currently taking courses in the Electromechanical Technology program at MCC.

Eric grew up on a farm in Morgan County.  He enjoys working on mechanical equipment and agricultural related activities.