Current Students

Student Life

Student Center

The Anne C. Petteys Student Center is located in the east facing parking lot on the Fort Morgan campus in Aspen hall (Aspen 258).  The hours vary on work study availability but are typically:

Fall, Spring Semester: Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm 

Summer Semester: Mon-Thu from 8am-3pm

Saturdays: Open from 8am-3pm

Sundays: CLOSED

Students are welcome to use the Student Center as a gathering place. The Student Center Conference Room is also available as a space for club meetings, study sessions and other uses, and may be booked through the Student Life Coordinator or Student Center Attendant. Students are also welcome to free popcorn, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate (when available). In an effort to be more environmentally conscious MCC highly encourages students to bring their own reusable cups for their drinks.

Student Life Coordinator (Now Hiring)

For help with Student Life please contact the Welcome Center until this position is hired.

(970) 542-3100 

Student Center Rules
  • The student center is considered private property and therefore not open to the public. You must be a current MCC student, staff, or faculty in order to be present in the center. 
  • Please be polite to others and be mindful of your conversation volume. Students are all expected to follow MCC’s student code of conduct.
  • Clean up after yourself. This includes wiping down the microwave and kitchenette area after use, disposing of cups, lids, napkins, and other items that you are no longer using. 
  • Do not eat other people’s items in the fridge! 
  • Stay out of the cabinets (this is for the Student Attendants and Student Life Coordinator)
  • Learn the rules for billiards and how to not damage the felt on the pooltable.
  • Turn off TV when not in use. 

Lost and Found:

Is located in Aspen 257 (Student Life Coordinator’s Office) or the green box near the entrance of the student center. 

Interested in starting a new club? Contact the Student Life Coordinator or Student Services. 

Your Mental Health

MCC has made a list of both local and national resources to help you if you are concerned about your mental health, or concerned for a friend or loved one.

Resources for Students


Fort Morgan Housing Authority (M-F 8-5 PM) 

(Accepting public housing waiting list applications for senior/disabled individuals)

1100 Linda St
Fort Morgan, CO 80701
(970) 867-2734

Immigration Resources

OneMorgan County

OneMorgan County fosters relationships among diverse people and organizations to strengthen the well-being, safety, and cohesive nature of our community.

218 Main St.
Fort Morgan, CO 80701
(970) 427-8790


Fort Morgan Cultures United for Progress (M-F 8-5 PM)

Fort Morgan Cultures Unite for Progress will work to create health equity for the citizens of Fort Morgan, Colorado. Morgan County Family Center offers emergency financial support to members of the community, such as rent and utility assistance plus other emergency assistance as funding allows. Advocates are available to help folks out with applications for public benefits, insurance, disability, etc. and answer questions about available local resources. We are able to help over the telephone or through video conferences. If you need help, call us at 970-867-9606 between 8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday. If you don’t speak English or Spanish, please say “interpreter” and wait for our operator to connect you to interpretation services.

(970) 867-9606

Food Pantries

(Rising Up Morgan County

Day Center, Warming Center, and Client Choice Pantry

Rising Up is devoted to helping our homeless and hungry neighbors by empowering them, helping them transform their situations, and assisting them as they rebuild their lives.

Located in the Annex Building for the United Methodist Church

527 State Street
Fort Morgan, CO 80701
(970) 370-8880

Social Services

SARA House

SARA House is dedicated to the empowerment of sexual assault and domestic violence victims through direct victim services; community education that impacts deep-seated beliefs and behaviors; and the development of a coordinated community response to the crime of sexual assault and domestic violence.

SARA House serves the Thirteenth Judicial District which covers Morgan, Logan, Yuma, Kit Carson, Phillips, Sedgwick, and Washington Counties.

Fort Morgan

418 Ensign Street
Fort Morgan, CO 80701
(970) 867-2121


910 S Main Street (2nd floor)
Yuma, CO 80759
(970) 867-2121


S.H.A.R.E. Inc. 

S.H.A.R.E., Inc. is a non-profit community based domestic violence program founded in 1981 to provide confidential services to victims of domestic violence and their families in Morgan County and outlying areas in northeast Colorado.

PO Box 414
Fort Morgan, CO 80701
(970) 867-4444

Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Government Association

Student Government Association at Morgan Community College is dedicated to advancing the overall quality of the academic environment at MCC.

SGA offers you plenty of ways to get involved, make friendships, and represent your fellow students to improve your school!

Through a variety of programs and activities, your SGA provides support to recognized student organizations (RSOs), promotes student activities as an enhancement to the overall learning experience, and advocates for student rights.


President – TBD for Fall
Vice President – TBD for Fall
Secretary – TBD for Fall
Treasurer – TBD for Fall
Social Media Coordinator – TBD for Fall
Senator – TBD for Fall

1st State Student Advisory Council Representative – TBD for Fall
2nd State Student Advisory Council Representative – TBD for Fall


Meeting Times:


  • In-person: Student Conference Room Aspen 257
  • Virtual: WebEx or Zoom


    Student Life Coordinator (now hiring)

    Multicultural Club

    Multicultural Club at Morgan Community College is a safe place for students of all different backgrounds to come together and celebrate the diversity within MCC’s Campuses! MCC Multicultural Club is dedicated to advancing campus knowledge through cultural events and mentoring high school students.


    President – TBD for Fall
    Vice President – TBD for Fall
    Secretary – TBD for Fall
    Treasurer – TBD for Fall
    Social Media Coordinator – TBD for Fall


    Meeting Times:


    • In-person: Student Conference Room Aspen 257
    • Virtual: WebEx or Zoom


    Monica Carrasco

    Pride Club

    Pride Club is Morgan Community College’s safe space for students that identify as LGBTQAI+. Allies are also welcome! Pride Club aims to advocate for student rights, educate the community on LGBTQAI+ issues, and bring awareness to campus through multiple events.


    President – Ana Avila-Gonzalez
    Vice President – Lizbeth Ramirez Campos


    Meeting Times:


    • In-person: Student Center
    • Virtual: WebEx or Zoom


    Megan McDonald
    Gabriel Tolan

    Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

    The Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society has helped millions of high-achieving college students reach their full potential. It doesn’t just recognize their academic success; it gives them opportunities to develop professional and leadership skills, earn scholarships, explore career paths — and make their worlds a lot bigger.


    President – Ainsley Soleta and Veronica Nickens
    Secretary – Elise Kruger

    PTA Club (Physical Therapist Assistant)


    TBD for Fall


    Meeting Times:




    PTA faculty (now hiring)

    Student Nurse Association Fall 2022

    Student Nurses Association (SNA)

    Student Nurses Association follows the National Student Nurses Association Mission: “…to mentor students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses, and to convey the standards, ethics, and skills that students will need as responsible and accountable leaders and members of the profession.”  SNA is a way to build relationships between first- and second-year nursing students. Student Nurses Association at Morgan Community College is dedicated in developing nursing leaders through conferences, community service projects, and participation in local activities.

    Second Year

    President – Veronica Nickens
    Vice President – Sarah Thompson
    Secretary/Treasurer – Amanda Padilla
    SGA Representative – Kim Seipp

    First Year

    President – Michelle Mclaughlin
    Vice President – Jesse Rodriguez
    Secretary/Treasurer – Megan McAvoy
    SGA Representative – Nicole Dickson


    Meeting Times:

    Spruce 382


    Charlene Carrera
    Preston Klimper