Spanish at MCC

Learn to speak Spanish

MCC offers courses every semester to help you learn this widely-used language.

Learning a new language is a highly sought after skill in the workforce and in our diverse communities. Often, workers who have more than one language in their skillset will earn a higher wage or have access to more job opportunities than someone with only the English language.

The Spanish courses offered at MCC will satisfy the foreign language requirement for any degrees that have it. All courses are designed to be flexible so that students can start at the beginning, intermediate, or advanced.

Delivery options include in-person classes and those that have a Zoom format so people can join remotely. Please see our current or future semester course schedules and look for the “SPA” section to see what classes are currently being offered.

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Monica Carrasco

Monica Carrasco tiene amplia experiencia en todos los aspectos de la administración de un negocio. Con más de 15 anos de experiencia en administración de operaciones de negocio, sistemas tecnológicos, análisis de riesgo y desarrollos de equipos.

Commonly-Offered Spanish Courses

SPA 101 – Conversational Spanish I (3 credits)

Check latest schedule for current offering.

Spanish Language I, II, III (5 credits)

Check latest schedule for current offering.

SPA 115 – Spanish for the Professional I (3 credits)

Check latest schedule for current offering.