Library Test – Plugin Clone

This is a test internal note
MCC female student in the library with books behind her and an ipad in her hands.

Morgan Community College Library
(970) 542-3185

Library of Things!

Beyond books and research, you can check out the following from the MCC Library. Test Grant.

Backpack with Colorado literature over an image of a student walking with the backpack on.

Check Out Colorado

Borrow a backpack containing a park pass good for admission only to any of Colorado’s 42 State Parks. Excludes National Parks.

A kit of bones on a table

Bone Kits

Study complete disarticulated human skeleton models of bones with our bone kits (arm, legs, spine/ribs, skull).

A scientific microscope

Biological Microscope

A basic microscope with 4x, 10x, & 40x achromatic lenses and LED light is available for checkout for use at home.

Scientific or graphic calculators

Scientific Calculator

TI-84 Plus Calculators for graphing, algebraic and scientific equations are available for checkout for your test or for a week at a time.