What We Offer

GED Classes

GED classes are taught by highly qualified instructors and empower you to accomplish your educational goals! Each GED course is customized to what you need based on the initial testing, so you can focus your time on the skills you need.

What is the GED Exam?

The GED stands for the “General Educational Development” Exam. This is an exam students may take if they didn’t finished high school and they would like to show they still have those same skills in English, Social Studies, Math, & Science. Note: you will take four separate tests (one for each subject area) that together make up the entire GED exam.

MCC offers 2 courses to prepare students for the exam: English and Social Studies; Math and Science. In MCC’s GED program, these subjects are grouped together because they overlap in many areas in terms of testing skills and content necessary to pass. For more detailed information about the exam, please visit the GED website.

Schedule an appointment to take the GED Exam with the MCC Testing Center at the Fort Morgan Campus. Please see the FAQs below for alternative locations.

IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU BRING YOUR GOVERNMENT ID, failure to do so will result in having to reschedule the exam for an additional fee.

MCC Testing Center

First Test Fees Paid by MCC

When you take GED courses at MCC, your first official attempt (not practice tests) at each of the four tests in the GED Exam is covered by our GED program. This is a $200 value. Any subsequent attempts will be your responsibility, an approximate cost of $50 per test.

GED Class Schedule

All GED classes are offered with a Virtual Only option (students log in via Zoom at the scheduled class time) or a Hyflex option (students come in person most days at the scheduled class time and occasionally join via Zoom). Students may also choose a morning or afternoon option. All classes are taught in English.


First 7-week session: Enroll by Aug 25, 2023 | Course runs Sep 5 – Oct 19
Second 7-week session: Enroll by Oct 19, 2023 | Course runs Oct 24 – Dec 7


First 7-week session: Enroll by Jan 10, 2024 | Course runs Jan 16 – Feb 29
Second 7-week session: Enroll by Mar 14, 2024 | Course runs Mar 19 – May 2


7-week session: Enroll by May 9, 2024 | Course runs May 14 – June 27

Each GED course is $50 for the entire 7 weeks. *

* Course costs provide the student access to MCC resources and other community connections to help you achieve your goals.

Morning Class

In partnership with BUENO-HEP GED Program

All 4 Subjects
9am – 12pm**
Tue, Wed, Thu

Afternoon Classes

Math & Science
1pm – 3:30pm**
Mon, Wed

Language & Social Studies
1pm – 3:30pm**
Tue, Thu

Evening Classes

Math & Science
5pm – 7:10pm**
Mon, Wed

Language & Social Studies
5pm – 7:10pm**
Tue, Thu

** Class times offered are subject to change.

By choosing to take a GED course, you agree to arrive to all classes on time, complete the assigned work, take the GED exam, and not miss more than 5 days in each class.

Sign Up for GED Classes

STEP 1: Complete the Forms in this Section

STEP 2: Registration

When your paperwork is received, an advisor will contact you to help set up your GED.com account either by phone or in person. 

STEP 3: Complete any Necessary Testing

All GED students are required to take one practice test in each subject area (four practice tests total) prior to the start of classes. These tests determine your course placement and the skills you need to focus on.

The practice tests can be taken online from the convenience of your home or you can visit any MCC location to use a computer.

STEP 4: Finalize Enrollment

After you complete your testing, an email will be sent to schedule your final appointment to complete any paperwork and prepare you for the start of the semester, review your test results, and discuss class placement. Based on the practice test results, if you are ready to take the official GED exam in some/all of the subject areas the Advisor will help to schedule the exam.

STEP 5: Orientation

Once you have completed all the enrollment and testing requirements, you are required to attend a 1-2-hour orientation session.  There will be two sessions to choose from, one in the morning and one in the evening.  Here you meet the staff, go over GED rules and regulations and take a tour of the college. Zoom online students must attend the first hour and in person students must attend the two-hour session. You must attend orientation before you can start classes.

STEP 6: Attend Classes

Attend the 7-week courses and receive instruction and practice in the skills you need based on your practice test results. While in the course you will take another practice test in the subjects you have not completed to see if you are ready to take the official exam or if you need to re-enroll for further study and instruction.

STEP 7: Take the Official GED Exam

When your practice tests show you are ready for the GED exam in a particular subject, an Advisor will schedule your official GED exam. The GED exam must be taken at the Testing Center on the Fort Morgan Campus or an online exam through GED.com at a MCC location, as each test requires a GED official to monitor all tests. It is very important that you schedule this exam through the nearest MCC location or the GED program personnel.

YOU MUST BRING A GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID or the exam will have to be rescheduled and you will have to pay an additional fee. The first exam in each subject area is provided free of charge through the GED program at MCC.

To complete your registration, please download and complete the following forms. 

If you will be between the ages of 17-21 on the first day of class, please fill out the following:

Additional forms (not mandatory):

Scan and email the forms to [email protected] or mail them to:

Morgan Community College
GED Program
920 Barlow Road
Fort Morgan, CO 80701

Need Help?

Welcome Center/Student Services
(970) 542-3100 or (800) 622-0216
[email protected]

Sylvia Rocha

Sylvia Rocha

Basic Skills Specialist

English and Español
920 Barlow Road
Fort Morgan, CO 80701

Can we text you at this number?(Required)


If I was previously a student in the program, do I still need to go through the enrollment process?

Yes, you will still need to go through our enrollment process so that we have your most up-to-date personal information.

What is the difference between the Hyflex and virtual-only options?

The Hyflex option allows students to attend class in-person most days. If a student is sick or can’t physically come to class for other reasons, they can join the class at the scheduled time via Zoom. If a student chooses the virtual-only option,  they can only attend online via Zoom during the class time but cannot attend in-person.

What is the 7-week maximum commitment for GED course?

For GED classes, if students take the first 4 weeks of classes and pass all subject tests (i.e. finish your GED), they are no longer obligated to attend classes for the last 3 weeks. If students need more prep time, they can stay for the full 7 weeks. By the 7th week, students will be asked to sign up to take subject tests.

GED courses require students to attend during the scheduled times, do the homework, and participate to the best of their ability. Students are allowed to miss up to 5 days of class for family situations, emergencies, etc.

Enrolling in the GED program is making a full commitment to your education.

Does MCC currently offer GED classes in Spanish?

Unfortunately, MCC doesn’t currently offer GED classes taught in Spanish. MCC hopes to offer more options to our community in the future!

Can I attend classes if do not live in Morgan County?

MCC offers Hybrid GED classes so students are able to attend in-person or virtually via Zoom.  For students who aren’t able to attend class in-person on the Fort Morgan campus, they can attend all classes virtually via Zoom.  Zoom is an online, web conferencing software that allows students to attend class using a computer, laptop, or cell phone. Zoom does require access to a stable internet connection. Students can reach out to your local MCC location in Burlington, Limon (also serving the Bennett area) or Wray to use an MCC computer lab.

Where can I test if I do not live in Morgan County?

The practice tests used to determine a plan of study for the GED course can be taken online from the convenience of home or at the nearest MCC location. Students can use MCC computers and internet.

For the official GED exam, students must contact one of the MCC locations listed below PRIOR to the test date to schedule the test.

Students can come to the Fort Morgan campus to do your GED official exam through the Testing Center or you can do the Online GED Exam that is monitored by a GED official at the nearest MCC location in Burlington, Limon (also serving the Bennett area) or Wray. IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU SCHEDULE THROUGH US AND BRING YOUR GOVERNMENT ID, failure to do so will result in having to reschedule the test for an additional fee.

What if I do not have the money to pay for GED classes?

We have scholarship opportunities for those who cannot afford to pay for GED classes.  Please contact (970) 542-3100 and ask for the GED program.

Program Mission

Our mission is to provide an educational environment which helps adult learners attain their personal and professional goals. We strive to support our learners by giving them the resources they need to succeed in attaining their GED credentials and/or gains in English language learning. This will be accomplished through focused instruction in their desired subject areas; consistent feedback on progress and areas for growth; and assistance in connecting them to resources fostering their learning while in our program and professional opportunities they desire to pursue after our program. In doing so, we hope to cultivate adult professionals who are more confident in their abilities acting as a continually valuable asset to their workplaces and communities with their enhanced skills/credentials.